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study abroad by distance learning

Distance learning has many benefits, not only can you get an accredited qualification from a world recognised university, but you can also save money in the process. In this article we will cover the advantages of distance learning by giving you 5 reasons to study by distance learning.

Reason 1: You can save money.

Distance Learning costs vs study abroad costs diagram

Studying abroad is a life changing experience, providing the opportunity to experience different cultures and meeting many people along the way, as well as gaining an internationally recognised qualification from a top university. However, as we discussed in our last article it can be extremely costly. Proof of funds for the first year of overseas study can be anything from $25,000 to $40,000+ depending on your destination of choice.
So how can you save money? The advantages of distance learning study is that you can still gain an accredited qualification from a top internationally recognised university without the high costs of studying abroad.
So how does this work? You can study at distance from a large number of the top universities around the world, which means that you receive the same qualification as if you were actually there. The advantage of distance learning is that, while the tuition fee will still be around the same amount as studying abroad (however it can often be less) your living costs will remain the same (in your own country) and as you do not require a visa there is no requirement to declare your proof of funding.
Take a look at the following diagram that illustrates the difference in (average) cost of studying abroad in the UK and studying distance learning from a UK institution. As your living costs remain the same and you are not required to show proof of living costs for studying in the UK it equates to a saving of £6,000 – £7,200 per year (depending on where in the UK you would be studying).

Reason 2: The qualification is the same as if you had studied abroad.

Another advantage of distance learning is that you receive the same qualification that you would receive had you studied abroad, at a lower cost.
Providing you select an accredited distance learning course your qualification will be recognised internationally. Many institutions offer tailored online learning alternatives to a number of their programmes meaning you receive the same level of education and teaching.
Having an accredited qualification from a top international university will be instantly recognisable by any future employers and will certainly help open up new opportunities and prospects.

Reason 3: Flexible learning structure.

Due to the nature of distance learning (i.e you are not required to attend structured lectures and tutorials) you can structure your studies to suit your lifestyle. Whether that be learning while working, or learning at work, or even dedicating all of your time to studying.
Distance learning courses are mostly online based, with the requirement to sit exams in person at locally situated examination centers. Courses are taught online and make full use of the latest web technologies to aid your studies, such as videos, download-able course material, webinars, podcasts and online discussion groups. In addition to that you will usually have a dedicated online tutor who will assist you through your studies contactable online.
With distance learning you can literally learn any place you have internet access.
Because the program is flexible you can complete it at your own pace. Distance learning providers will usually recommend a duration, but it is up to you if you want to finish sooner, or have a break between modules/semesters.
A burgeoning alternative to distance learning is international learning centres. There are a number of centres situated around the world such as WEC that teach courses accredited by universities in a traditional class room environment.

Reason 4: No need to move your family.

When considering overseas study, if you have a family it may be necessary to move them with you. Relocating your family to another country can be extremely stressful, involving further visa applications and having to prove available funding to support your dependents while studying in that country.
Obviously with distance learning, as you will be studying from your own country, there is no need to worry about this issue, and there is no need for you to be separated from your family.

Reason 5: You can gain your qualification from a top institution.

Just because you are not relocating to a different country doesn’t mean you can’t gain your qualification from one of the top accredited universities around the world. Distance learning courses are offered by a number of universities and as the world is constantly being brought closer together by technology, institutions offering distance learning courses is on the rise.
Below we have listed just a small sample of institutions that are offering distance learning courses.

You can find many more courses and institutions that offer distance learning courses from our distance learning directory.

Good look with your search. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and if you think any of your friends will find this useful be sure to share it with them by liking and tweeting below.

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