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A UK degree is internationally respected, valued by business professionals, and enduringly popular among students. The UK’s departure from the EU might make studying for a UK degree seem like a challenge, but Coventry University not only continues to welcome EU students to study in the UK, but we’re also the only British university to open a campus in Poland – Coventry University Wrocław.

We are a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high-quality education and a focus on applied research. With roots going back to 1843 as a Coventry College of Design, the institution became Coventry Polytechnic in 1987, before being established as a University in 1992.

A different way to study

The best teaching puts the student’s needs first.

Career-focused learning

Your degree should take your career to the next level.

At Coventry University Wrocław, degrees are designed with industry collaboration in mind, addressing the needs of local, national and global employers to maximise your potential career prospects. Teaching programmes are constantly modified to stay up to date with current trends, methods and software.

You’ll be able to benefit from relevant placement opportunities which might equip you with valuable workplace experience, and could result in permanent employment after obtaining a degree.

Relevant course content

Instead of outdated study methods based on memorising facts for a handful of final exams, our courses develop real-world skills and knowledge you’ll put into practice every day after you graduate. Critical thinking is especially valued, since it is crucial to implementing theoretical concepts in real-life settings. Courses are taught in English, helping you to develop the specialist vocabulary needed for a global career.

One topic at a time

Modular learning means you’ll study just one subject area at a time, allowing you to give it your full attention and gain confidence before moving on. You’ll be assessed in a variety of ways throughout your course, with no year-end exams.

Fit your studies around your passions

A regular timetable of classes gives you flexibility to fit your studies around your other passions. You will be working weekdays from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

A positive partnership

Last but not least, Coventry University Wrocław treats students as partners. This leads to a friendly atmosphere between students and academics, fostering good communication and active participation.

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What students think about Coventry University Wrocław

    Kacper – Cyber Security BSc (Hons) - 2021

    Testimonial from Kacper – Cyber Security BSc (Hons) - 2021, student at Coventry University Wrocław

    I do enjoy studying at Coventry University Wrocław because of the lack of unnecessary knowledge and because of the very career-focused approach to studies. I chose Coventry University Wrocław because of the British degree that opens many doors to a career across different places on the planet. 

    Michalina – Business Management and Leadership BA (Hons) - 2021

    Testimonial from Michalina – Business Management and Leadership BA (Hons) - 2021, student at Coventry University Wrocław

    We don’t have final exams as we are assessed during every subject module through assignments. We don’t have to learn just theory but we can study through actions.

    Dawid – Aviation Management BSc (Hons) - 2021

    Testimonial from Dawid – Aviation Management BSc (Hons) - 2021, student at Coventry University Wrocław

    I decided to study at a foreign university because I generally wanted to study as an international student but as soon as I saw that Coventry University Wrocław offers many interesting courses here in Poland in Wrocław, I’ve decided that’s my choice. 

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Facts about Coventry University Wrocław

  • Year institution founded: 2020

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