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Whilst Iceland is fast becoming one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, the country is also proving to be an interesting destination for higher education studies abroad. Known as the Northernmost country in the European Union, Iceland is also a very sparsely populated country. It holds a population of under 350,000 people and it inhabits a land mass of 40,000 square miles. But what it lacks in population density, it makes up for in character. With its subarctic climate, Iceland enjoys a moderate climate as it is warmed by the North Atlantic Current, and you’ll experience higher temperatures in Iceland than other places of its latitude.

Why Study in Iceland?

Iceland offers many different options for those interested in studying abroad, with the University of Iceland and Reykjavík University being among the notable higher education institutions to choose from. Further afield, University Centre of the Westfjords offer fascinating marine-based studies from the town of Ísafjörður. Iceland is known for its role in science and research, and has proven to be a notable destination for those students interested in studying the natural sciences, geography and other forms of research and development. Icelandic universities offer various programs that may appeal to students from all kinds of disciplines – so make sure to research whether your scholarly interests are catered for.

About Iceland

Iceland is considered one of the most developed and economically prosperous countries of the world. It is a country that takes care of its citizens needs while allowing citizens to pay low taxes. As a country, Iceland proves to have some of the most incredible geographical landscapes, allowing for endless exploration. It also has a vibrant culture coupled with an interesting history due to its Nordic roots. Iceland has been enjoyed by visitors around the world and is increasing in popularity as a top destination for those looking for something unique.

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Cost of Studying and Living in Iceland

There are no costs associated with tuition for students in Icelandic universities, a benefit shared among many countries of the European Union. However, students attending Iceland’s universities will need to pay a compulsory, non-refundable registration fee to help pay towards some of the expenses associated with their study. This ranges from 150 EUR to 250 EUR per academic year, but varies from program to program and institution to institution. For housing, many students choose to live in the dormitories at their host institution when available, but depending on their living requirements and situation, they may pay anywhere from 400 EUR per month to 1700 EUR per month. For other expenses such a food, transportation and entertainment, students can expect to get by on a budget of 400 EUR to 800 EUR per month.


Students who are not part of the European Union will have to apply for a student visa to study in Iceland. Contact your host university or your local diplomacy office or office of consular affairs for help on how to apply for your student visa. It may take up to 8 weeks to retrieve your student visa, so be sure to allow for more than enough time in this process.


The official language of Iceland is Icelandic, which is an old Germanic language. English and Danish are compulsory subjects in Icelandic schools, meaning that these languages are widely spoken. Courses are offered in many different languages at the Icelandic universities.



The capital city of the Republic of Iceland, Reykjavík is the centre for culture, history and learning. It has one of the most beautiful and charming cityscapes in Iceland with its gorgeous and historical architecture. It is the financial centre of Iceland, making it also a busy place for business. Reykjavík is particularly known for its nightlife, where Icelanders are known to go out late and stay out to the wee hours of the morning. The city boasts endless opportunities to experience cuisine, shopping, history and culture around every corner.

Institutions in Iceland

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