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The countries of Asia are diverse in their many cultures and time spent experiencing Eastern society would change your life forever. Many students are finding that choosing to study abroad in Asia is a great way to begin their career, as so many companies are expanding into the continent.

Studying in Asia can help to build important life skills and develop your knowledge of other cultures. As well as the lessons you will gain from your courses, you will also find yourself learning about the Asian way of life and perhaps to open your mind to the world around us.

Asia is the world’s largest and most populated continent on Earth. Its countries are ever changing and developing quickly, while its cultures are rich in history. Asia has some incredible landscapes and landmarks, but aside from this, many of its countries are making a name for themselves on the world’s economic platform. The variety of what Asia has on offer is what provides the biggest draw for adventurous students who are looking to continue their education abroad.

The Languages of Asia

The languages in Asia are innumerable and can often be difficult to learn. Some of the universities you may be looking to study at could have some language requirement, however many only require that you are fluent in English, which can be proved with TOEFL and IELTS certificates.

English is generally recognised as the international language of business, so many people in Asia do speak English to varying degrees, particularly in the larger cities. In spite of this, it is a courtesy in any country to be able to communicate in the native language and it would certainly be worth your while to take some lessons whilst abroad, as language skills look fantastic on a résumé. Many of the top universities in Asia offer courses in English, so it’s definitely worth taking a good look at each one to see what would be available to you.

Birds eye view of multiple traditional colourful fishing boats
Studying in Asia promises a world of fascinating culture. Pictured are traditional boats in Penjaringan, Indonesia
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Study in China

Be part of China’s incredible transformation, and discover the contrasts between its traditional rural beauty and big-city excitement. Education in China has come on in leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Significant investments have been made into China’s higher education system, and with the importance the country places on learning, it is fast becoming one of the top destinations for studying abroad.

China has recently been a major country of origin for international students, but foreign students from over 180 countries are now flocking to China to learn all that this economic powerhouse has to offer. The main language is Mandarin, so you may have to spend some time taking basic lessons in speaking Chinese, though it would certainly be worth it!

As you may know, the culture in China is fantastic. There is so much to learn outside of your basic studies. As a country, it is swiftly evolving and a really exciting place to be as our world develops.

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Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global gateway to China. Hong Kong residents are well travelled and multi-lingual, and both Chinese (Cantonese) and English are the two official languages, so it’s easy to study here if languages aren’t your strongest point. Universities in Hong Kong are very welcoming to international students. Though separate from Chinese politics, the culture and history of China is still prominent here.

There is a great quality of life in Hong Kong. The city is varied and modern, with ever expanding technological developments. Its presence in the World University Rankings is growing stronger, and the wide range of course options makes Hong Kong a great choice for studying abroad. Immerse yourself in Chinese history and culture, and learn what’s behind Hong Kong’s booming economy!

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Study in Indonesia

Beautiful, diverse and endlessly fascinating, Indonesia has a lot to offer international students. Indonesia encompasses over 17,000 islands. Those that are inhabited are constantly developing, and there are some incredible natural wonders to surround yourself with.

Many come to study the Bahasa Indonesian language, but you can also study a Bachelor or Postgraduate university degree at one of Indonesia’s excellent higher education institutions. The language is fairly easy to learn and the cost of living is low, so it’s a great way to learn a new language and experience a brand new culture as you earn your degree.

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Study in Malaysia

Looking for a truly international study destination that also offers some of Asia’s best universities and a great student lifestyle? Malaysia gives international students a very warm welcome. The country is swiftly becoming a top destination for studying abroad and has worked hard and invested a great deal to become so. There is a great mix of Asian culture here, low crime rate, wonderful food and lively cities, though it still holds some beautiful rural areas which are steeped in their own cultures and traditions.

Many of the country’s top universities are based around the capital, Kuala Lumpur. The educational system is constantly developing and improving, and many of the courses offer a ‘2+1’ degree option, which allows students to study for part of their degree with a partner university in another country.

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Study in Singapore

This small but diverse island nation is a very popular overseas study destination. With its multicultural heritage that includes Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian history, you can learn in English and enjoy an exciting lifestyle in this global city. Singapore is growing to be recognised as a world leader in research and innovation. It is a safe and modern country and has often been voted as one of the best countries to live in.

Singapore has a friendly and open business economy. Its universities, which annually attract over 70,000 international students, combine both Eastern and Western learning’s. The cost of living is reasonable and the city is a great place for students; hip and dynamic.

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Study in South Korea

South Korea’s economy has boomed over recent decades, and education, tourism and transport systems have all been transformed. It’s a relatively expensive but incredibly interesting place to study in Asia. South Korea takes influence from both China and Japan. Its culture places great importance on education and offers some excellent and highly prestigious universities.

South Korea enjoys four distinct seasons and holds a large number of festivals and celebrations every year. There’s a lot to see, and with great transport systems, it’s really easy to get around too. Seoul offers a wonderful student community, though keep in mind that the motto here is “work hard, play hard”, so you may not find much time for relaxing! Great for those who love a busy lifestyle!

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Study in India

India is a beautiful country with a globally recognised spectrum of courses. There is something for everyone, and as the second largest higher education system in the world, you will find yourself a part of a diverse and enriching culture that will change your life forever. Indian universities are vibrant and welcoming. You are guaranteed a wonderful education and career growth, which is why so many students are attracted to India each year. Another benefit is that every university offers the option of English teaching.

The technological developments across the country have seen its universities arriving at the forefront of the education world. Fees and living costs are moderate, and as each university welcomes students from all over the world, they make an extra effort to receive those from other countries and make them feel at home.

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Study in Turkey

Turkey is already established as a tourist destination, but recently more and more students have been flocking to the country to study. Turkey is known for its colourful, diverse culture and the richness of its history, so there’s always plenty to see and do, while its people are open minded and friendly and hospitable to visitors. Turkey enjoys a wonderful location with an Eastern Mediterranean coast, and encompasses aspects and cultures of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Turkish universities offer a quality education. Many of their courses are taught in English and low tuition fees and scholarships make it a great choice.

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Study in Taiwan

Taiwan offers a free and fun loving society. Its people are well educated and future thinking, yet retain traditional Asian values and ideals. Described as both ancient and modern, there are a number of benefits to studying here. Campus life is varied and lively, to reflect the high number of international students. The government seek to continue increasing the number of courses taught in English in order to attract more students from abroad.

Chinese culture is influential in the lifestyle of Taiwan, but influence can also be found from other cultures, such as Japanese, Western and Aboriginal society, which makes it a wonderful and diverse place to learn.

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