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Bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south, Luxembourg is a small country of the European Union located in Western Europe. The country itself is home to only just over 575,000 people, yet its capital city Luxembourg City is one of the three European Union capital cities and the country itself was a founding member of the European Union.

Why Study in Luxembourg?

In contrast to its more populous neighbouring countries, Luxembourg does cannot boast a great selection of higher education institutions, being home to only one public institution, the University of Luxembourg, and one private university called Sacred Heart University Jack Welch School of Business, which offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Nevertheless, these institutions offer many options for those all over the world interested in studying in the small Western European country of Luxembourg.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg has been an important player in European and international relations for decades. Officially know as the Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg has been a major player in both initiatives within the European Union as well as serving on the United Nations Security Council and also becoming the 6th most “open” country as a result of opening up visa requirements to over 172 countries and territories.

The country is ranked 179th of 194 independent countries in terms of size, covering only 998 square miles. Despite this, Luxembourg is an important European Country where unemployment is traditionally low and economic growth is relatively stable.

Luxembourg is landlocked, yet has an oceanic climate, where winters are cool, summers are warm and there is a high degree of precipitation throughout the year.

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Cost of Studying and Living in Luxembourg

For undergraduate and Masters studies at the University of Luxembourg, student will be looking to pay about EUR 200-400 per semester to study. Some programs offer a flat rate to participate in a whole program, but most programs offer a by-semester rate. Students who chose to study the MBA program at the Sacred Heart University Jack Welch School of Business can expect to pay from EUR 900 for a one-week seminar to $34,900 for the MBA program that includes an internship option.

Those who live in Luxembourg enjoy a high quality of life and with that comes a relatively high cost of living in terms of housing, where an apartment rental can cost anywhere from EUR 1000-2000 per month, depending on the amount of living space and proximity to more urban areas. As far as food and other consumer goods, prices are comparable to other European countries.


As one of the more open countries in the European Union, Luxembourg does not require a visa to enter for most countries including the United States, however, if a student will be staying for a period of over 90 days to study in the country, they will need to obtain a student visa. It is advised that you apply for your student visa at least 30 days prior to your arrival at the Luxembourg Diplomatic Mission or at the Luxembourg Consular Post. As visa requirements can change, it’s always advised that students ensure that they fully understand the visa requirements well in advance of departing to Luxembourg for studying.


Luxembourg has three official languages: French, German and Luxembourgish, which is a high German language also spoken in some of the countries bordering Luxembourg. Students who grow up in the Luxembourg school system are generally expected to be fluent in all three official languages before proceeding to secondary school.

Luxembourgish is the language commonly spoken casually between Luxembourg citizens, but French and German are the common languages in business and other official affairs. Similarly, students will find that most courses are taught in French or German at the University of Luxembourg, but there are a number of course offerings in English that are available to students. At Sacred Heart University Jack Welch School of Business, all courses are offered in English.


Luxembourg City

Although only holding a population of about 100,000, Luxembourg City is the capital city of the country, and is known for its ruins of medieval fortifications. Home to the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City has developed as a strong administrative and banking centre and is known to be the second highest GDP per capita in the world at over $80,000.

Named the European Capital of Culture twice, Luxembourg boasts many museums and galleries for people to visit despite its small size. It is known for its high-class, Michelin star rated restaurants and diverse cuisines.


Although really a town, Esch-sur-Alzette is the second most populous part of Luxembourg, being close to the border to France and a short drive away from Luxembourg City. Also known as “Esch”, it is one of the parts of Luxembourg to fully embrace a love of the sport of football.

Institutions in Luxembourg

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