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About University Centre of the Westfjords

The University Centre of the Westfjords was established in 2005, beggining operations in 2006. Areas of study at the University Centre include biology, sociology, economic and business studies. The University Centre is located in the town of Ísafjörður in the remote north-west of Iceland. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the Centre is uniquely positioned for the study of the surrounding forty-nine deep fjords and associated industry.

Primarily a distance learning centre serving around 100 students, the University Centre also runs a Master's degree in Coastal and Marine Management, launched in 2008, for around 40 students. Students graduating from this course receive a Master of Resource Management (MRM) degree from the University of Akureyri.

For those students with an interest in innovation, the University Centre runs a Master's degree in Marine Innovation, where students will learn the skills required to implement and lead projects in the field of marine innovation.

Situated within the Ísafjörður’s Vestrahús building, The University Centre is also home to 50+ people engaged in research and teaching and other services through various organizations and companies, often working in collaboration with The University Centre.

The University Centre participates in international projects run by the Nordic Council and the European Union and is a member of several international partnerships.

Ísafjörður enjoys a strong cultural life, with music, art and sports all well catered for in the population of 7,000 living in the area. Costs of living are lower than in Reykjavík, with rental prices as little a half that in Reykjavík.

Courses at University Centre of the Westfjords

There are 2 courses listed from University Centre of the Westfjords. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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