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Top reasons to study at IU International University of Applied Sciences


- All programmes are accredited according to German and EU standards in education

- IU degrees are recognised worldwide and can be converted to overseas equivalents for work or further studies

- WES (Accreditation for Canada & US)

- IU’s global academic partnerships provide opportunities to study abroad at partner universities

- UCLA Extension, Cambridge Online International School, Study Abroad Alliance (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe)

- Partial scholarships for discounts on online and on-campus tuition fees

- Flexible payment options: Monthly instalments or pay in full, upfront

- All-inclusive fees: Course materials included, no application fees


- Start online right away with no fixed semester intakes

- Study and take exams 100% online, at your own pace and schedule

- 24/7 access to IU’s digital learning materials, wherever you are


- IU offers degrees in in-demand fields, with specialisations

- Courses combine theory and practical application through real-world case studies

- Learn from industry professionals who are experts in their fields

About IU International University of Applied Sciences

Country Germany
Number of courses 53
Year founded 1998
Number of students 100000

Welcome to IU!

IU is Germany’s largest private university and has been offering qualitative higher education to international students for more than 10 years. With over 50 globally accredited Bachelor, Master, and MBA study programs, students at IU have access to the most modern and career-oriented education, and have full control over their studies. Students can either choose to study online through our fully-integrated digital learning platform with 24/7 access to on-demand course content and exams, or they can study in Germany at our campus locations: Bad Honnef, and Berlin. IU offers full flexibility as students can even start their studies online at any time, and continue their studies abroad.

  • All courses in English
  • Students and professors from more than 150 nations
  • Studies for in-demand professions, such as Data Science, AI, Engineering or Business Intelligence
  • Approximately 75% of our graduates work in an international environment
  • Approximately 33% of them actually work abroad

IU attaches a great importance to a close link between theory and practice. After all, most of our professors gained experience at an international level themselves – and we want to prepare our students for a competitive job market through:

  • Case studies, projects and internships
  • Dedicated Career Office with access to German multinational corporations
  • Connected in a network with over 1.000 business partners
  • Dialogues with recognised business leaders
  • Dual accreditation with British diploma for access to UK market

Our study programs are characterised by the effective transfer of subject-specific knowledge and soft skills in order to prepare our graduates for challenging management and opertaional tasks. The results of our survey of graduates in 2020 speak for themselves: 87 percent of our graduates find a job within the first three months and after two years 80 percent already have management responsibilities.

Who are the IU studies for?

Online distance studies:

  • Professionals with a busy schedule that want to grow their skills and access the next level in their careers
  • Students with mobility issues or that want to study part-time
  • Students that want to change their study subject, as you can start the online studies any time from anywhere

Hybrid campus studies:

  • Students that want to have international careers and build an international network
  • Students that want to work in Germany and Europe – acces to post-study Visa
  • Students looking for immersion in new culture and the benefits of real student life on campus

Accreditation and Rankings

IU International University of Applied Sciences is recognised by the Council of Sciences as a private university, and all of the study programmes and degrees we currently offer are accredited by FIBBA or the Accreditation Council. In addition, we have been awarded several seals of distinction and excellence, and are rated as an excellent service provider by several external ranking bodies.

Learn more about IU International University of Applied Sciences

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Student reviews of IU International University of Applied Sciences

Find out what students say about IU International University of Applied Sciences


Halim Takhedmit, MBA. Master of Business Administration

I was very grateful to have the chance to study and live in Germany, a country of endless opportunities. Of course, it’s one of the strongest economies in the world; but I’m also fascinated with the German people, their mentality, their discipline and commitment to high quality standards. I felt I had a lot to learn from them, and in doing so make my time in Germany a really constructive experience. So not only did I learn a lot on my MBA programme, but found life in Germany to be highly educational and beneficial in its own right.


Francesco Palmieri, M.Sc. Master Data Science

When I was looking for a university for my Data Science Master's, I had a general idea that I was going to move to Germany. So I decided okay, let's see if there is something that's maybe hybrid studies, where I could sometimes attend.

I thought a degree would be a good asset for my career, to have something more recognised, that was coming from a recognised institution. And then I thought that I liked how this programme was structured, and that was what drove my decision to study at IU.


Anna Zakaryan, M.A. Human Ressource Management

The knowledge gained at IU helped me immensely in my role, building the recruiting and employer branding from scratch and helping my company scale up.

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Courses at IU International University of Applied Sciences

There are 53 courses listed from IU International University of Applied Sciences. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at IU International University of Applied Sciences

Apply now and save up to 67% on your tuition fees with the IU Scholarship.

Services Offered for International Students

  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • International student clubs and associations
  • Overseas Graduations

Accommodation Information for Students

Accomodation on campus is available in Bad Honnef for IU.

Study Abroad Information

Our collaboration with UCLA Extension under the IU Study Abroad Alliance allows you to study in Los Angeles, California and earn your IU degree plus an additional certificate from UCLA. 

With IU’s Study Abroad Alliance, you can now start your degree online with us and complete your final year on campus at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Canada. 

University of California Riverside and University of Nebraska at Omaha are also available in the Study Abroad Alliance.

Facts about IU International University of Applied Sciences

  • Year institution founded: 1998
  • Total enrolled: 100000
  • Men to women ratio: 50/50
  • Number of academic staff: 100
  • Year MBA first offered: 1998

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