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In addition to providing quality Bachelor, Master, and MBA programs, IU International University of Applied Sciences offers a completely new approach to education. They offer full degree programmes online for distance learning students as well as on-site campuses for those who want to complete their studies on site. Plus, IU takes flexibility one step further. IU offers students the option of studying both online and on campus for many of its programs. Combining online and on-campus study gives students the convenience of spending one semester studying from home, and the next on a university campus in Berlin or Bad Honnef. Every semester, study wherever is most convenient for you. Through future-oriented, flexible studies, IU offers students the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.

Why IU?

✓ Study 100% online, take your exams whenever you’re ready. 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.
✓ Start studying online whenever you want to: no need to wait for a semester to start
✓ Get the best of both worlds, freedom of studying when and where you want and to fully enjoy the student life on campus
✓ Choose between the cosy close-knit campus of Bad Honnef or the cultural capital of Europe, Berlin
✓ Study Coaches and a Student Office are ready to support you at any time.
✓ Accredited and recognised worldwide: Elevate your career with a European degree

IU: Geared to the demands of the global market

Studying at IU International makes careers in a global environment possible and they welcome students from all over the world. IU prepares students for an international career with industry relevant educational content and they pay close attention to providing a global perspective for both general management modules and subject-specific content. IU imparts its international mind-set in all they do to prepare the next generation of professionals for global business.

94 percent of IU's graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating and, after two years, an average of 80 percent have management responsibilities. These results are based on the fact that, in addition to teaching professional expertise, IU focuses on training social and intercultural competence - plus all IU professors have a minimum of five years’ experience working directly in their field. IU is proud of its graduates and the impressive careers they have built.

Accreditation and Rankings

IU International University of Applied Sciences is recognised by the Council of Sciences as a private university, and all of the study programmes and degrees we currently offer are accredited by FIBBA or the Accreditation Council. In addition, we have been awarded several seals of distinction and excellence, and are rated as an excellent service provider by several external ranking bodies.

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What students think about IU International University of Applied Sciences

    Tim Michel, B.A. Financial Management

    Testimonial from Tim Michel, B.A. Financial Management, student at IU International University of Applied Sciences

    While working at the management and employee participation division department at Commerzbank, Tim Michel decided to earn a degree in financial management, in order to improve his career opportunities. Shortly after completing his studies succefully, he was promoted to the role of Advisor and Project Manager at the payments & deposits division of Commerzbank.

    “The interaction I had with my tutors at IU gave me food for thought that helped me in my everyday working life.”

    Lara Bergen, B.A. Business Information Systems

    Testimonial from Lara Bergen, B.A. Business Information Systems, student at IU International University of Applied Sciences

    Lara Bergen fell in love without the world of software and computer science while working as an intern. Along with taking on further responsibilies at her place of employment, she decided to earn an online degree in business information systems. Combining studies and a full-time job, she benefited from the flexibility of online studies. She now works as Head of Consulting at BE terna Industry Solutions GmbH.

    “Companies are looking for people with a degree and professional experience – with online learning, you get both!”

    Britta Gabriel, M.A. General Management

    Testimonial from Britta Gabriel, M.A. General Management, student at IU International University of Applied Sciences

    Joining gastronovi GmbH as a project manager right after completing her studies at IU, Britta Gabriel is now a partner manager at the company. The management and idependent work skills she developed during her online studies, helped her excel at her new career, where she is a part of a software solutions provider for the gastronomy sector.

    “Combined with practical work experience, the study programme at IU was the right choice for me.”

Courses at IU International University of Applied Sciences

There are 52 courses listed from IU International University of Applied Sciences. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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