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Top reasons to study at Exeed College

Live Interactive Classes

- Our classes bring together technology, innovation, and a global perspective. Let's dive in, discuss, and experience real-world learning!

Learn from the Best

- We have distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities and have decades of industry and academic experience.

Personalised Support

- We provide you with expertise and dedicated support throughout your program from our student engagement team and course administrators.

Advanced LMS

- Our cutting-edge Learning Management System makes learning more engaging and personalised, unlocking the power of data-driven insights.

Cutting-Edge Pedagogy

- We use innovative teaching methods, digital tools, and experiential learning to offer an advanced pedagogy that fosters global competence.

Global Alumni 

- We shape a world of talent. Our intensive programs empower and foster some of the world's most talented individuals.

About Exeed College

Country United Arab Emirates (the)
Number of courses 18

Exeed College, envisioned in 2016, is a prestigious enterprise of Westford Education Group providing top-rated online/part-time academic programmes. A world-class education management provider based in the UAE, Exeed College facilitates Doctorate programmes in business administration and education, specialised MBA programmes, master’s programmes in education, and various teacher qualification programmes through its extensive presence in the GCC, African, Asian, South East and European countries. The exceptional educational programmes offered by leading international universities and awarding organisations enable the learners to reinvent themselves and excel in their domains of expertise.

To offer world-class degrees, Exeed College has struck the right chord with top-ranked global universities committed to offering exceptional student experience, high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research and extensive collaboration with top-notch organizations.

Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain, City University, Malaysia, Woolf, Malta, Plymouth Marjon University in the UK, and Acacia University in the US are the major universities partnered with Exeed College.

A strong advocate of bridging the gap in delivering quality education to the masses through digitalization, Exeed leveraged the power of technology and has created a digital ecosystem through the integration of a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment (VLE) platform, including a robust Learning Management System (LMS) capable of delivering synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Using the most modern pedagogical tools, fully stacked courseware, and online library ensure seamless delivery of world-class academic degrees and professional programs to discerning learners across the globe.

A facilitator of world-class executive education, teacher training and qualifications, Exeed College has distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities with decades of experience in industry and academia.

Exeed College champions inclusion, equality and diversity and prides itself in its rich and varied demography of learners from almost 50-plus nationalities and 10-plus industry sectors.

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Student reviews of Exeed College

Find out what students say about Exeed College

Rajkumar George - MBA in Healthcare Management

I am a project manager by profession, leading the healthcare transformation in hospitals. I got to know about the Exeed program during the chaos of Covid, and I took the opportunity to pursue my higher education at that time. It turned out to be a very good decision. Today I am very delighted that I have completed my graduation. I would like to thank my family, who stood by me and supported me during this period, and also my peers, who are supportive. Congratulations to all the graduates. Thank you, Exeed College. A special mention to my mentor. She helped me a lot in completing my dissertation. Thank you once again.

Imad Abou Antoun - MBA Health and Safety Leadership

I will start with the professors and teachers in Exeed College. They have an exceptional ability to make students comprehend the most complex of concepts. I have had many personal experiences where the tutors are always following up, communicating, supporting me to get back on track and instilling in me the responsibility to complete the MBA program successfully.

The content and delivery was very good and tough concepts were explained in an easy and to-the-point method by handling statistics, real scenarios, and presentations and engaging in lively discussions and debate with eager students and emerging leaders.

To sum up, all the above have really changed my life and left a deep impact on my personality in the working environment and in the community. My communication skills in dealing with different departments, my team-building acumen, and overall maturity at both managerial and professional level have increased. I am very grateful for this new achievement in my life, and look forward to more success in the future.

Eric Chiu - MBA Global Banking and Finance

My learning journey with Exeed college has been filled with fun and a life changing experience.

I did not expect that I’d be able to pursue my dream of MBA. I was of the understanding that after graduating college, it would be tough to get an MBA, considering that I am already working and time would be a concern. When I heard that there are institutions that offer online MBAs, I was excited and went ahead and searched for this opportunity. The professors are diligent enough in preparing the learning  materials as well as supporting us, learners, with the necessary modules specific to each learner.

I am particularly happy with how the professors helped us in solving the case studies which may have been difficult, had it not been for the support of the professors in imparting what they know and how to work on these case studies.

I am grateful to Exeed college, its staff members, administrators and professors, for offering such opportunities to working professionals like us to pursue and achieve our MBA dreams.

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