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Do you want to become a professional, who is able to work globally and is fluent in the English language? If yes, then you are welcome to study in an international environment of Savonia. We have students from over 20 countries and therefore we can call all Savonia campuses truly international.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences is an Institution of higher education which offers degree programmes in Finnish in six fields of study. Altogether nearly 6,000 students study at Savonia UAS. Savonia UAS campuses are located in three cities in eastern Finland: Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi. Students can either study for a full Bachelor or Master's degree at Savonia UAS or study on exchange programmes. The schools organise also several short courses and modules in which the language of tuition is English.

Ensure your international competence and expertise for your future career and come to Savonia UAS!

Kuopio - The Centre of Eastern Finland

The Kuopio region is located in central Finland, in the province of North Savo. The region can be reached in less than an hour by air from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and by road or rail the journey only takes a few hours. Kuopio is surrounded by lake Kallavesi. Kuopio is the centre of commerce, whose wholesale and retail services cover the whole of Eastern Finland.

There are many important administrative centres and institutions in Kuopio, for example Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland and the Orthodox Church Council of Finland. 

Kuopio and the surrounding district offer many interesting experiences throughout the year. Various museums provide an insight into the local heritage and way of life. You can admire the spectacular lakeland scenery from the Puijo Tower or you can go on a sightseeing tour by bus. There are special events, theatre and music, as well as many other opportunities for fun, relaxation and retreat. In the Kuopio region you can meet the Finnish way of life that combines all the advantages of high-tech society with the vast expanses of unspoilt nature. 

For more information, visit http://www.kuopio.fi/web/english

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Universities of applied sciences and universities will start charging a tuition fee from Bachelor’s or Master’s level students studying in languages other than Finnish or Swedish. EU/EEA area and Swiss citizens are not subject to the charge.

The legislation concerning tuition fees came into effect 1.1.2016. According to the legislation, Universities of Applied Sciences are obliged to charge tuition fees for those students who are not citizens of countries of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) and starting their degree studies 1.8.2017 and onwards. The amount of the fee can vary between higher education institutions. The legislation concerns degree programmes taught in English. The goal is to both advance the Higher Education Institutions’ opportunities for education export and also expand their funding base. The introduction of tuition fees puts greater emphasis on educational quality as a competitive factor.

The Board of Directors of Savonia University of Applied Sciences has made a decision on 23.5.2016 to introduce tuition fees for non- EU/EEA students. The tuition fees apply to students starting their studies on 1 August 2017 or later. The tuition fee is charged for each academic year and it must be paid by 31 August.

The fees are:

All non-EU/EEA students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences may apply for a scholarship after they have been admitted to fee-charging Bachelor or Master degree programmes and they have enrolled themselves as present. In the first academic year the scholarship covers 70% of the tuition fee; in the following academic years the scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee.

To qualify for the scholarship after the first academic year, students must earn at least 55 credits of studies detailed in their personal study plan per academic year.

Accommodation Information for Students

Rooms and apartments are situated in the Puijonlaakso area about 1,5 km from the School of Engineering and Technology, and not far away from the School of Business. Most apartments are designed for two to three students who share a kitchen and a bathroom. There are also apartments for couples and families. All rooms are rented without furniture.

KUOPAS (Kuopio Student Housing Company)

KUOPAS provides accommodation for students and their families (spouses and children) in the Kuopio area. Kuopas has 40 apartment buildings around the town situated 0.5 - 10 km from the city center. Please notice that a monthly bus ticket costs about 50 euros, which you might have to add to the living costs.

Study Abroad Information

Internationality is an integral part of the University of Applied Sciences and Savonia, accordingly, it has a significant role in the strengthening and internationalising of the multicultural know-how of the region and economic life. Savonia UAS has higher education partners in over 30 countries. Consequently, active and dynamic student and expert exchange is part of our everyday life, as well as working together with other universities of applied sciences in international projects. In our English fields of studies, our students represent over 20 different nationalities.

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Library staff can offer assistance with using the library services. The library also offers more formal teaching of information skills for students during their studies, mainly concentrating on the library’s electronic resources.

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