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Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

the Netherlands

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Top reasons to study at Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy trains students to become authentic and committed ‘impact creators’: creative professionals for the new economy, stimulating transitions by combining their creative skills with their professional and social insights. They achieve this by developing and realizing novel concepts for marketing, business, entrepreneurship, communication and lifestyle. Both of the study programmes are focused on a creative economy that is flexible, sustainable and humane.

About Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

Country the Netherlands
Number of courses 2

Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy (ACE) educates professionals for the creative industries. We challenge, look for adventure and pride ourselves being just slightly different from others. Our students know that the world extends beyond their home towns. We research, invent and create, in order to make a difference in a continuously changing world.

Fontys ACE is part of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, one of the largest Universities in in the Netherlands with campuses in various cities. In total over 44,000 students study at Fontys, approximately 2,500 of those students study at Fontys ACE in Tilburg. Currently Fontys ACE offers two full-degree programme’s in English: Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts and Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle.


There is a lot to see and experience in the Netherlands. Make sure you make the most of your stay by connecting with other students. Your network will be invaluable for your stay and career and will give you friends for life from all over the world.

Tilburg is a dynamic city situated in the heart of the region. Rich in culture and well-known for its many arts events and festivals, it is also home to various cultural institutions. With a population of just over 214,000, Tilburg is the sixth city in the Netherlands by size. Its down-to-earth inhabitants are no strangers to foreigners as Tilburg is currently witnessing an explosive growth in international students and expats, lured to the city by one of the many multinationals based there, such as: Tesla, FUJIFILM, Sony, Ericsson, Schenker Logistics and Coca-Cola.

The Tilburg Campus is located on the outskirts of the city and is serviced by excellent bus connections and safe cycling routes.

The impressive Arts Cluster can be found in the city centre, but besides culture and the arts, Tilburg has much more to offer its student population, for example a vibrant student life. More than 30,000 students study at Tilburg’s Universities and their presence has helped to transform the city into a hub for creativity and innovation.

We can tell you a whole lot more about our University, but the first-hand experiences from our international students is way more valuable. Click here to see what they have to say. Or click here for more information about studying in Tilburg.

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Courses at Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

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Student reviews of Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy

Find out what students say about Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy


Daniela Lavacca, Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle, Year 1

I have always dreamed about turning my ideas into something concrete, to the benefit of people in the future. That’s why this is a good programme for me. We don’t paint and draw, we are creative in other ways. The analytical part is also interesting: research about products and services. Trend research reveals the changes in markets and societies, providing the basis for developing a concept.

I’m thinking about choosing the lifestyle sector Human Movement, because I like to explore new ways of transportation such as electric cars. Or maybe I’m going for Leisure. I studied Tourism before in Italy, my home country, so maybe I can combine both sectors.

The academy is a really friendly place. We work in groups that change every period. Although each student has a different mind and approach, we share our different thoughts and visions on the future. Sometimes it leads to interesting conversations.

The first Lifestyle Week brought us to several cities to do field research. This was my first taste of this study and it quickly convinced me that this programme was the right choice. I’m proud that I dared to take the step to move to Holland. In Italy, school was much more stressful. I think the system here works better. Contacts with the teachers are quite informal. You can call them by their first name and their feedback is always honest.

This programme requires you to be curious, to happily absorb knowledge and experience from the world around you. You also have to be open-minded, so you can see from other perspectives without being judgemental. It also helps if you are an analytical person, able to look at things from a bigger perspective, recognize trends and think creatively.


Yaela Valer Mena, Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts, Year 1

I am originally from Lima, Peru, but lived part of my life in Michigan, USA. I moved here from Michigan. I was told that it is not easy to make friends with the Dutch, but after three months I already have many friends. Everybody here is very nice. I am already in love with this country.

After some research I found Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts and felt very enthusiastic about it. What I really like about our programme is that we simulate real-life situations, which is very important because then you will use everything you learn in the real world. We do research and createbbrand books by using real numbers and companies. The programme is very interactive and the teachers are really up-to-date and willing to improve themselves. The approach to the digital world is great, and moreover, I know this programme is preparing me for a great job in the future.

New Media & Digital Age is my favourite subject. What we learn is very relevant in today’s society. We talk about the media’s impact and the way we respond to their current changes. I enjoy every second of the classes. And it is very cool to know that we can apply everything we learn here after we graduate.

For a course called Project, our group assignments introduced us to the problems faced by international students. We were asked to find a way to smoothen their adjustment to Tilburg. We elaborated a plan for an app and got a 9. That made me very proud, because I’ve heard that getting a 9 or 10 is very difficult in the Dutch grading system.

In the future I would like to work at the communications or marketing department of the United Nations, or for an ethical organisation or company. And having my own company is definitely one of my goals. In any case, I will be focusing on creating a positive impact with regard to either social issues or the environment, because I feel very passionate about those topics.

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