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IULM University of Milan Italy

About IULM University of Milan

IULM University in Milan is the Italian centre of excellence in the fields of communications, marketing, cinema, new media, languages, tourism, the arts, and cultural heritage.

Knowledge, awareness and expertise. For more than 50 years, IULM University has built its educational mission on these three cornerstones. Integrating cultural preparation, soft skills and professional competence, the University stands as a meeting point between higher learning and business.


IULM University was founded in 1968. From the very beginning the idea behind the project was to satisfy the demands of the labor market based on the analysis of current trends.

The mission of IULM University is to train excellent professionals/specialists through an education based on the deep knowledge of communication strategies and foreign languages. According to Almalaurea’s Report, the high employment rate for our graduates is above the national average (57% of those who earned an undergraduate degree from IULM have found stable employment within a year of graduating, which is 14.4 percentage points higher than the national average; and 76.9% of those who earned a two-year masters degree from IULM have found a job within a year of graduating, compared to the national average of 69.9%).

Student life

IULM University offers first-year students a peer tutoring scheme to support them across the early stages of their new experience. The aim is to facilitate transition and improve the quality of the students’ academic and social engagement.

The University stands out as an ultra-modern complex, technologically advanced and equipped with structures and spaces to provide space for studying, research and also for being together. Since 2000 a garden and six new buildings, housing lecture rooms, research departments-institutes, the university library, catering facilities, two new modern Auditoriums, an outstanding exhibition area and the student residences have been constructed around IULM University's core nucleus.

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