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It was a handful of students, almost eight centuries ago, who founded one of the first universities in Europe: 1222 marked the birth of the University of Padua, destined to welcome teachers such as Galileo Galilei and Andreas Vesalius, and students like Francesco Guicciardini and Carlo Goldoni.

Located in a strategic position in North East Italy, the University of Padua has a long tradition of international cooperation and participation in international networks of excellence, welcoming international students and scholars in a unique learning environment.

Traditionally a free-thinking and trail-blazing centre of education and research, Padua keeps faith with its historical motto: Universa universis patavina libertas, which means "Liberty of Padua, Universally and for All".

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Today, Padua is a research university offering a comprehensive range of constantly updated study programmes and it is ranked among the first universities for the quality of its education. It is one of the most important higher education institution in Italy with about sixty thousand students, more than 2,000 teaching staff and more than 2,300 administrative staff.

Courses at the University of Padua are constantly updated in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the labour market.

The institution consists of 8 schools and 32 departments, offering 80 Bachelor’s degrees, 92 Master’s degrees, 9 single-cycle degree programmes, 52 short-specialisation degree courses, 62 specialisation schools (mostly medical ones). For the academic year 2019/20 the University of Padua offers 2 Bachelor's degrees and 22 Master's degree (including the new single-cycle degree in Medicine and Surgery) completely held in English.

In addition, there are 1 university hospital, 1 veterinary hospital and 1 experimental farm.The research departments host 38 different doctoral programmes, many of which entirely held in English.

Highly motivated University students may also apply for admission to the Galilean School of Higher Education. After a demanding selection process, each year 30 students are chosen to attend the School’s high-level in-house courses and to use its special services. Up to 4 international students can be admitted following selection with public call for applications.

The University possesses an enormous wealth of freely available reading material including more than 2 million books kept in its 29 libraries and it has a museum tradition dating back to the 18th century, reflected in its 11 museums of various disciplines.

The University of Padua Alumni Association seeks to unite all UniPD graduates of whatever age, background, position and location within a community to which all may have freedom of access and equal consideration. In this way, former students — Alumni — can continue to be inspired in their professional and private lives by the fundamental values of the University, becoming standard bearers wherever they may be. Alumni include all graduates and diploma holders, PhDs and holders of Specialisation School diplomas of the University of Padua. Alumni can become members of the association free of charge.

The city of Padua

Situated in the heart of north-eastern Italy, and less than 40km from Venice, Padua is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, offering 3,000 years of history. Thanks also to his close ties with the University, Padua is a lively and dynamic city offering throughout the year numerous events in the fields of art, music, theatre, cinema and sport.

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What students think about University of Padua

    Yiwey Cao

    Testimonial from Yiwey Cao, student at University of Padua
    • Master’s degree in Economics and Finance
    • Galilean School Diploma
    • Current position: Consultant at Prometeia (Milan, Italy)

    As Padua University students we are accustomed to apply rigorous methodologies in order to be successful in our academic lives: it is not easy to be prepared for all the exams which could be concentrated in a very short time, exam preparation requires good time management and ability to work under pressure.

    Both these skills have a long lasting impact in the professional career in order to manage projects with great complexity.

    As Galilean School student I had also the possibility of having an interdisciplinary academic path and the interaction with students from all different academic backgrounds that gave me a flexible mindset. I remember discussions of news topics with student of Philosophy, Math or Biology in which I found very interesting their way to approach the problem.

    Having a constant exposure in the multi-disciplinary environment benefits me in the long-term. Especially in the professional routine, this is surely a value-adder, for it enables us to analyze the problems from a different perspective. As in one of my recent projects, we apply a physics model to a bank in order to perform the client segmentation.

    Padua graduates possess good reputation in all the companies I have been in contact with. The strong academic background together with extracurricular activities (such as internships or international experiences) make Padua graduates appealing candidates in the job market.

    Maria Daniela Rueda Lara

    Testimonial from Maria Daniela Rueda Lara, student at University of Padua
    • Master’s degree in Human rights and multi-level Governance (HRG)
    • Current position: Advisor to the Executive Directorate of the National Institute of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Ecuador (Quito, Ecuador)

    The University of Padua has taught me the value of challenge. It is difficult to change your address, language, culture and customs when you leave your country. UNIPD has a very different method than my university at Ecuador, so every step was a challenge that I chose to overcome and with this, I reaffirmed what I wanted to do in life. Challenging yourself is a perfect way to keep you open-minded, resilient, ready to act and more alive than ever.

    At University of Padua I learned and I keep with me to never take anything for granted. There will be always someone better, faster, stronger, and you just cannot give up. But there will be also tons of generous and kind people, also take your time to meet them, talk to them and learn from them.

    In my city there are not so many UNIPD graduates but in general it well seen to have a degree in a well-known university from a country that has arrives to certain level of development.

    Omar Antonio Celis Bojorquez

    Testimonial from Omar Antonio Celis Bojorquez , student at University of Padua
    • Master’s degree in Civil Engineering
    • Current position: Project manager

    In my childhood, I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother after school. Since she lived in a very dangerous neighborhood in Peru, I spent most part of my time trying to invent and build traps and stuff to make her feel more safe.

    So it was about little projects, from design until construction; that feeling just made “click” something on me. Managing civil projects (no more traps) remind me that sensation, and I take care of it with passion and accuracy like it was for grandma.

    The most important teaching that the University of Padua has transmitted to me is that hard working and sacrifice pays always. Every course is like real life projects: time management and organization are everything.

Location of University of Padua

University of Padua main campus location is shown on the map below:

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Courses at University of Padua

There are 44 courses listed from University of Padua. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at University of Padua

The University of Padua, the Veneto Region and other organisations offer various scholarships and fee-waiver opportunities to support students.

The University of Padua offers up to 24 "Padua International Excellence Scholarships" to highly talented prospective students wishing to pursue an English-taught degree at Padua.

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Services Offered for International Students

  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • International student clubs and associations
  • Social Activities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Temporary accommodation on arrival

Accommodation Information for Students

Students living off-campus can find accommodation at halls of residence run directly by the University or available through the regional office of the ESU, or alternatively, rent rooms or apartments from private landlords.

Places at ESU halls of residence are allocated by competition: the announcement, with information on requirements and deadlines, is published every year on www.esupd.gov.it/en.

The University of Padua signed multiple agreements with some private colleges in order to reserve some places for international students. Each college applies different prices and conditions and includes different services (e.g. half/full board). If you wish to benefit from this opportunity, please contact the International Office.

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Study Abroad Information

Internationally oriented and open to the world ever since its beginnings, today the University of Padua promotes collaboration and exchange with universities throughout the world, aiming at enhancing scientific progress and perfecting and sharing good practices in the field of education and teaching.

The International Office is responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the international relations programmes of the University of Padua, for promoting, disseminating and running its international academic cooperation initiatives, and for setting up and coordinating the university internationalisation and cooperation programmes.

  • More than 2500 Erasmus students every year
  • 25 joint and double degrees
  • More than 300 agreements with other Universities worldwide
  • Various internship opportunities abroad
  • over 600 course units held in English

Facts about University of Padua

  • Year institution founded: 1222
  • Total enrolled: 57272
  • Number of academic staff: 2303
  • Number of Professors: 2140

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