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Computing and IT

A good computer science degree is still in very high demand. Information Technology has changed the way we do business, learn, communicate and even entertain ourselves. Your computer course helps you stay one step ahead in this fast-changing sector.

Computer science and IT colleges teach you how to design, develop, implement and manage computer systems and software.

Studying computer science at university can lead to a well-paid career anywhere in the world, as a network engineer for large systems, a software developer, security specialist or even forensics analysis.

An IT degree might launch your exciting career!

StudyLink offers you choice from over 3500 computer and information technology programs and courses worldwide:

  • Compare each computer course that you are interested in
  • Quality computing and IT course descriptions and up to date fees and entry requirements

Which Computer or IT course is right for you?

IT now affects almost everyone around the world. Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this website! An IT college will give you practical skills in designing software, websites or computer systems that meet an organisation’s needs for data, research or communication.

Computer science degrees focus on problem solving across all areas of computing. Computer courses will give you a good understanding of how computers and technology work, and the latest knowledge and research in computers and IT.

Many IT degrees combine technical computer course skills with business understanding, as employers today often seek commercially-aware computer science graduates.

We have selected over 3500 Computer and IT courses at different levels of cost and reputation for you to apply to online.

  • Subjects required – Maths and a science, but requirements vary by institution – see course profile pages for further details
  • Tuition fees – range on average from US$8500 to US$23000+ per year depending on the subject, level and the institution
  • English level – from IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550 (paper) 213 (computer) – depending on the subject, level and institution*

*Students with a lower score may still be accepted if they complete an English language course or a foundation year before going on to their chosen degree.

Types of Computer or IT course

You can study computer science and information technology courses at diplomaundergraduate and postgraduate level, including taught, research and PhD. We have listed the most popular areas of specialisation below, so you can explore them further.

You can also study some computer degrees through distance learning, so you can balance your study with work and family. And you can combine your IT study with business skills or another discipline at university, for a joint degree.

Tuition fees at computer science university range from US$10,000 to US$23,000 per year.

Entry requirements vary, but all international applicants from non-English speaking countries will need to prove a certain level of English language ability. Depending on your computer college, you will need an IELTS score of 6, or a TOEFL score of 550 (paper) or 213 (computer). If you have a lower score, you may still be accepted if you complete an English language course or foundation year first.

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