Ask Anna: What if I Don't Make the Grade?

By StudyLink

You may want to begin studying abroad but find that you don’t quite meet the requirements for the course you want to study. Be it a lack of language skills or falling short of academic requirements, how do you bridge this gap?
This is when you can look at the many pathway and foundation options open to you. These type of courses exist to bring you up to speed and help you begin studying your ideal course as quickly as possible. Lets look at the options.
Pathway Courses
Most pathway courses exist as a part of a four year undergraduate degree course. The first year will comprise of everything you need to get you up to speed. Upon completing the first year you entry to the following BA or BSc Degree is guaranteed. There will still tend to be language requirements (likely to be IELTS for English speaking Institutes) and academic requirements for these courses, though they will be lower than the requirements to go straight into an undergraduate degree course.
Foundation Courses
Foundation courses are similar to pathway courses in that they exist to build up your study or language skills so you are at the right level to start an undergraduate degree. Foundation courses tend to differ in that they can be taken as a stand alone course. This gives you flexibility in that you can choose one provider with which to complete your foundation course and then browse other providers to choose your undergraduate course when you are ready.
Pre-Masters Pathways
If you want to study at a postgraduate level then there is a pathway for you too! Pre-Masters pathway courses are offered by most institutes as a way of getting you to the required standard to start a Masters degree.
A Pre-Masters course may take the form of a two year Masters course. The first year of such course would involve improving you skills and knowledge, or even your language skills. The second year would then be your Masters degree. A two year Masters course makes it easier for you to make your applications, you only need to apply once for this type of course, and also simplifies the process of securing a visa should you need one for your studies.
So there you have it. You may not currently meet the requirements for your dream course, but there are always opportunities to study if you want to find them. A pathway or foundation course not only helps you to meet the academic entry requirements but also gives you valuable experience of studying in the country you want to. And that head start in terms of language and culture can help ease the transition as you begin your studies abroad.

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