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Bath Spa University is a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Through innovative teaching we provide a high quality student experience. Based in a world heritage city and connected to a network of international partners, we ensure that our graduates are socially engaged citizens.

At Bath Spa University we believe in thinking differently. Whether looking to improve your career prospects with a postgraduate qualification or exploring a subject for personal enjoyment, we can offer you high quality master's courses and research supervision from committed staff, in a unique and supportive environment.

Why Bath Spa University?

Excellent reputation

We can trace our history back over 160 years to the original Bath School of Art, and our first trainee teachers trained here over 60 years ago. Our PGCE programmes, for example, have been considered 'outstanding' by the quality regulator Ofsted. The University prides itself on being modern and progressive and builds on a long history of tradition and success in higher education.

Innovative teaching

Our staff care about their students and are accessible, supportive and passionate about their subjects. They put a lot of effort into developing dynamic approaches to teaching and assessment and undertake what we call ‘teaching-led research’. That means they’re actively engaged in research and scholarship so that their professional and academic expertise is current, and often cutting edge – but the research is of direct benefit to you.

A great range of courses for you to master

Bath Spa’s wide range of postgraduate awards provide opportunities for advanced study, so you won’t just be great at it, you can master it. Courses are both academically challenging and vocationally relevant leading to the awards of graduate and postgraduate certificate; graduate and postgraduate diploma; and master’s degree.

In addition there is a lively research environment at Bath Spa, with opportunities for supervised, original research leading to the degrees of MPhil and PhD. Bath Spa has particular research strengths in art and design, education, English, creative writing, history, study of religions, music, sociology, psychology and health studies.

Exciting career prospects

Our professional partnerships connect our students to a wide range of career pathways and employment opportunities relevant to their field of study. A postgraduate qualification will also enhance your career prospects – studies show that the majority of postgraduates earn more than undergraduates over their careers.

Strong caring ethos

Our caring ethos runs through everything we do. Our students rate their tutors and lecturers for the support and accessibility they deliver. Our student services offer advice on anything from finances to wellbeing, as well as offering disability support and so much more. Yet it doesn't end there. Our environmental policies care for our campus and make sure we minimise our impact on the environment. Bath Spa was the first university to gain the International Standard for Environmental Management (ISO14001). We’ve also achieved the Platinum Award under the national EcoCampus scheme and we’re ranked 33rd out of 145 universities in the People and Planet Green League 2013 in the ‘First Class’ award category.

Happy community

With about 7,000 students, Bath Spa is big enough to offer variety and diversity, yet small enough for a personal approach. Our community values creativity, culture and enterprise, with teachers who can be called on for help, guidance and support. It's happy and thriving, reinforced by all the services you might expect and more, with access to a network of student support services, as well as library and learning facilities. Our wide range of extra-curricular courses, clubs, activities and work-based opportunities and volunteering, make our community fulfilling, rewarding - and successful.

Superb campuses

Visitors and students are often amazed and inspired by our campuses. How many universities boast medieval buildings and their own parkland estate? There’s a unique mix of the old and the new, with state-of-the-art modern facilities blending sympathetically with historic buildings – providing an inspiring and safe study environment. There’s an opportunity to learn in a secure and well-maintained environment, where investment infrastructure reflects modern teaching styles and anticipates future needs. A major redevelopment of the Newton Park Campus was completed in 2014 providing world-class facilities for students, whilst in-keeping with the stunning surroundings.

Internationally connected

Our international partnerships are spreading across the globe. Our links with an array of businesses, organisations and institutions contribute significantly to the knowledge economy at home and abroad. So our graduates leave us as global citizens with ambition, drive and focus.

All minds welcome

We have built our success on accessibility and equality of opportunity. The unique study and social environment we offer is a key factor in our distinctiveness and in our popularity. Our students come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, from all parts of this country and from overseas, and with a variety of academic credentials.

Safe and secure

We provide an environment that allows our students to concentrate on what matters most. So not only are we financially secure, we also have on-going capital investment plans. The world heritage city of Bath itself is renowned internationally, with an enviable reputation for being enjoyable and safe to live in. There is space here to think, create and move forward in a safe environment, and all within a city ranked as the top ‘safe student city’.

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What students think about Bath Spa University

    Yasmina Van De Peer, BA (Hons) English Literature and Film Studies, Spain

    Where to start with this year? There have been so many new friends, a new life-style with freedom and no mum bossing me around. My year has not been easy but I would do it all again, life challenges you in many ways and this experience definitively has.

    When I arrived in September, I felt like a lost girl trying to find something that I could grasp and change my life forever. My first year in a foreign country was fantastic and thanks to the creative writing department, I will never forget my second year as I have the privilege of studying in Chicago for a full academic year! However, this has no real connection with why I chose Bath Spa University.

    I worked as an ambassador for this University and a lot parents have asked the same question, why did I choose it? After 50 parents it gets tiring- especially when I was unsure. As everyone else I want to succeed in life. I have dreamt about going to Oxford, Harvard or any well known University. But the one thing that I have learnt in life is that you can be successful and come from the smallest place in the world. The key to success requires determination to reach your goal.

    Bath Spa just felt right and it allowed me to combine my subjects [English Literature and Film Studies], be myself and it also has an inspiring and picturesque scenery. For me it was perfect.

    Johannes Gerdes, BA Business and Management, Germany

    I chose BA Business and Management as I have always been inspired by my dad who runs a world leading business. The opportunity to work for him during holidays gave me a chance to look inside a company and to experience what management, leadership and communication is all about. I wanted to widen my knowledge and hence started my Business & Management career here at Bath Spa.
    My parents always wanted to give me the opportunity to study abroad. My old school, near Bristol, where I stayed as a boarding student for the last two years, helped me to discover where most of my interests lie. In addition, friends of mine started studying here at Bath Spa.

    I would describe Bath Spa in three words as: Cultural, Wonderful, Friendly.

    In the future I hope I will be working together with my dad and widen the market to countries which haven't been discovered yet.

    Don't be afraid of university life. University is the best time in your life. You meet so many new people from different nationalities and all come together! You will settle down easily. You make friends so fast and there is always someone around to help you! Even language barriers can be fixed with a perfect Writing and Learning Centre [the English Language Unit (ELU) is also available for all international students to access where English is not their first language] here at Bath Spa. Come to Bath and experience the whole range of activities they offer and be open to new things!

    Nassos Polyzoidis, MMus Songwriting, Greece

    Even though I live in Greece, I'm familiar with many British Universities, as I work for some English Examination Boards for Music and I've attended some Summer Schools in UK over the years. Bath Spa University's reputation in Songwriting and Commercial Music was known to me for a long time. Being a guitarist and working for the RGT at the same time, I have heard stories about Bath being the birthplace of guitar magazines and other music and artistic events. I was accepted to study Commercial Music as an undergraduate student about 4 years ago, but due to some sudden accidents I have to decline my offer. After this unfortunate event, I decided to become better Musician and Songwriter, so that I can return as a postgraduate applicant. When I noticed that there was a distance learning degree, MMus Songwriting, I knew I had to do this. Meanwhile, I did my research, which only lead me to ensure my initial decision to study at Bath Spa University.

    I was attracted to this course as I was already familiar with Bath Spa University's reputation in this field. In addition to that, Songwriting isn't taught in my home county at all. I knew that only few Institutes offer Songwriting as a postgraduate degree, so I did my research over the last 3 years. During this time, I was only ensuring myself that I have to apply for this course. I really want to become a successful songwriter, and also, probably one of the first songwriting teachers in Greece, so I know that this course is best for me. I knew that the course will help me become more confident and enhance my professional skills in the field. Finally, being mainly inspired by British Songwriters, it was really important that my songwriting skills would develop a lot lyrically, which can help me open the door to an international market.

    I would describe Bath Spa University in three words as: Innovative, modern, artistic.

    Once I have my degree, I am really hoping to become a successful songwriter. Being inspired mainly by British Songwriters, I would really like to write songs for the UK and international market. In addition, I will probably become one of the first songwriting teachers in Greece. Last, but not least, as I'm already collaborating with several English musicians, I'm considering in my future plans to apply for a PhD and probably seek for more collaborations in UK, which might extend my visits there.

    My advice I would you give to other international students who want to study in the UK would depend on the ethics and societal context of each county. So, a general advice I would give is "Do not be afraid of failure, do your best and apply to the courses that you really like!"

Location of Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University main campus location is shown on the map below:

Courses at Bath Spa University

There are 138 courses listed from Bath Spa University. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Services Offered for International Students

  • Airport pickup and reception services
  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • On-campus accommodation
  • On campus medical facilities
  • Religious Facilities - Christianity
  • Religious Facilities - combined facilities
  • Social Activities
  • Special English language
  • Sporting facilities - variety of clubs
  • Sporting facilities - Team sports
  • Temporary accommodation on arrival

Accommodation Information for Students

Bath Spa University offers a range of accommodation to suit different needs.  Hall living (on site) is the ideal way to get the all-round University experience but some students prefer to live closer to the centre of Bath. All of our off site halls are linked to our bus service. 

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