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About Medical University of Lodz

The Medical University of Lodz is the largest public medical university in Poland. Its mission is focused on:

– educating students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing as well as in other medicine-related disciplines
– educating research staff (PhD programs)
– conducting research and scientific activity
– developing postgraduate programs offer.

Medical teaching in English was initiated in 2003/2004. Presently almost 850 foreign students from various countries attend 6-year MD (Medicine) and 5-year DMD (Dentistry) programs and almost 900 have already graduated. The programs are taught entirely in English and are comprehensive enough to be accepted internationally.

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    Testimonial from THESRIKA SUKUMAR, student at Medical University of Lodz

    1. What is your name, where are you from?

    I am Thesrika Sukumar and I am from Malaysia

    2. Why did you decide to study abroad?

    Well I actually wanted to experience studying in a different environment meaning with people of different nationalities, cultures and tradition.  This is an opportunity for me to witness a completely new way of life. I consider studying abroad also as a chance to experience different styles of education. On top of this, I will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers.

    3. Why did you decide to study medicine/dentistry?

    I have always been amazed by how complex the human body is and how the different systems in the body coordinate so well to have it work efficiently. So, I wanted to learn more in detail about it. As a student and later in my career I’ll be having a direct impact on people’s lives that will certainly satisfy my sense of duty of giving back to the society as well.

    4. Why did you choose MUL?

    I have been to Lodz earlier and quite like the place. When I visited the University earlier, I liked the approach of the administrative officers. It gave me a good impression on this university. In addition to that, I had friends here who recommended this university.

    5. What do you like about your studies?

    I like the fact that we don’t only learn courses that we are supposed to have knowledge on but also some other subjects that are interesting and related to the field of medicine.

    6. What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

    I am a traditional Indian dancer. So, I think I would like others to see the unique form of performing arts in my culture as I believe it explains more about my culture and tradition that what words can describe.


    Testimonial from STEVEN DE SANTO, student at Medical University of Lodz

    1. What is your name, where are you from?

    Steve de Santo and I am from Germany with an American Italian background.

    2. Why did you decide to study abroad?

    I am an absolute travel addict. I enjoy experiencing the world with its different cultures and what it has to offer. I moved away from home when I was 14 in order to explore overseas, and ever since then I seek new experiences. Life is just too short to stay in one place and live the same routine our entire lives.

    3. Why did you decide to study medicine?

    I have always been fascinated with the human body. Back home I work as a fitness coach and that inspired me to expand my knowledge and further make a more professional career out of this profession. Also my parents are very passionate doctors.

    4. Why did you choose MUL?

    While coaching, I met a young couple that had studied here. She is now a dentist and he works in a hospital. They advised me that the Programme is great, and that there was a diverse student body which made the studies an interesting experience.

    5. What do you like about your studies?

    I enjoy the freedom and independence that the Programme offers. Also the direct “hands on” experiences in the Anatomy Building made it a pleasant transition into the medical Programme and what we have to expect.

    6. What was the strangest, funniest thing you have encountered during your stay here?

    I’d say the strangest thing so far here is the music genre “Disco Polo”. It’s vibrant energy that fills Piotrkowska at night, is quite amazing and very different compared to Germany.

    7. What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

    I would love to take every Polish person to the Oktoberfest in my hometown of Munich. The food & drinks are phenomenal and in combination with the German folk music are just a sensation.


    Testimonial from SHUROQ TAJU, student at Medical University of Lodz

    1. What is your name, where are you from?

    My name is Shuroq and I’m from Saudi Arabia

    2. Why did you decide to study abroad?

    There are many reasons for that, such as the fact that I like to get to know more about other cultures and meet new people, but the main reason was to be with my family since they got to Poland before I did. Moreover, studying abroad is an experience and a life chance that shouldn’t be missed.

    3. What did you like most about Premedical Course? What were the benefits of participating in it?

    The best was the relationship between the doctors and me as a student. It wasn’t as formal as it would normally be. They were really kind and helpful as if they were my friends. The premedical course helped me a lot during my first year due to the fact we had similar subjects.

    4. Why did you decide to study medicine?

    I’m a curious person and I’ve always been wondering about the human body and how it works – specially how complicated the brain is, therefore, I decided to study medicine.

    5. Why did you choose MUL?

    I am not going to lie and say the cliché answer that it’s because it is a good university or its well reputation or etc. I just chose it because my sister is studying here and again to be with my family in the same place, Lodz.

    6. What do you like about your studies?

    It’s hard to specify but I like the clinical classes which are more real than the theory learning. I like the way we communicate with patients and how I improve my language (since most of the patients speak polish) and skills.

    7. What was the strangest, funniest thing you have encountered during your stay here?

    The strangest yet funniest thing is hearing the Poles saying “no” but what they really mean is actually “yes”.

    8. What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

    There are a lot of differences between the two cultures and what I love the most about the Saudi culture that it is more family oriented than here. Also, I would love for the Poles to try Saudi food, since it has more spices, rather than just salt and pepper.

Location of Medical University of Lodz

Medical University of Lodz main campus location is shown on the map below:

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Courses at Medical University of Lodz

There are 3 courses listed from Medical University of Lodz. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Services Offered for International Students

  • On-campus accommodation
  • Religious Facilities - combined facilities
  • Social Activities
  • Sporting facilities

Accommodation Information for Students

The University provides housing on campus in three dormitories/residence halls. Here you will feel at home with helpful English speaking staff and your fellow students who will help you in the orientation process as well as with your Polish.

The majority of teaching departments are located in the dorm’s vicinity. Other university departments or clinics are available by public transport.

Rooms can be booked only by those students who have received the Letter of Acceptance.

Those who prefer to live outside the campus will be provided with a list of private flat renting agencies.

Facts about Medical University of Lodz

  • Year institution founded: 1950
  • Total enrolled: 9500

Methods of assessment at Medical University of Lodz

For each subject, describe the assessment tools that are used.

(a)     Written tests

Multiple Choice Questions – True/False, Single best response

Modified Essay Questions

Short/Structured Essay Questions

Essay and Other

(b)     Practical Tests

Objective Structured Practical Examinations (OSCE)


(c)      Oral tests


Structured viva and Other

(d)     Clinical tests

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Objective Structured Long Examination Record (OSCER)

Long case and Short cases

Portfolio, Log books, Case books

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