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EU 2006 per year

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About Spatial Planning at Radboud University

Title/degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (60 EC), full-time
Start month: September
Language of instruction: English or Dutch
Croho code: 66622

Spatial planners are fascinated by on-going and future changes in cities and regions and take on the role as managers of those spatial transformations - think of: regenerating shopping districts or old industrial sites; designating water retention areas; shaping urban mobility concepts for the future. Related challenges vary in scale, from individual property to European policy making. The programme's subtitle 'managing smart cities and regions' reflects the challenges of current and future urban societies, at a time that ambitions for a 'New Urban Agenda' for the 21st century are formulated, with policies and strategies to create more sustainable and equitable urban spaces.

Master's specialisations

You can choose a specialisation that best reflects your passion for spatial planning:

Cities, Water and Climate Change

Gain all necessary knowledge and skills for working on the nexus between urban planning, water and environmental management.

European Spatial and Environmental Planning

Become a spatial planner who understands EU policies, can cooperate with planners across borders and engages with other sectors like environment and economic development.

Planning, Land and Real Estate Development

Discover new perspectives on urban development which you can use in a future role as city developer, either in the public or private sector.

Urban and Regional Mobility

Look into different integrated mobility systems or transport modes at different spatial scales. Discover new practices and strategies to provide innovative mobility sollutions.

Vision and Strategy Building for Cities and Regions

Focus on the strategic and visionary elements of what might be called the 'new' planning enterprise.

Flexible specialisation

We also offer you the opportunity to make your own combination of courses from a list of relevant electives, next to completing the core courses of the programme. For more information, please contact the study advisor.

Related Master's programme

Next to these Master's specialisations, we also offer a two-year European Master's programme in the field of Spatial Planning and Environment and Society Studies: PLANET Europe. When following this Erasmus Mundus programme you'll study in two countries and gain two Master degrees.

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Entry requirements

Admission requirements for students with a Dutch university Bachelor's degree

NB: Although the programme is taught in English, you need to apply in Studielink for the Dutch 'Planologie'.

Admission requirements for students with a foreign Bachelor's degree

If you don't meet the admission requirements

If you do not meet these admission requirements, it may be possible to take a one-year pre-Master's programme and enrol in the Master's programme a year later, after successful completion of the pre-Masters. This also applies to students with a relevant Bachelor's diploma from a University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: HBO; German: Fachhochschule).

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