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About Human Geography at Radboud University

Title/degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (60 EC), full-time
Start month: September
Language of instruction: English
Croho code: 60466

Studying the spatial behaviour of people, firms and organisations.

Human Geography is a study that observes the relationship between human activities and their spatial environment. Because it's an integrative discipline, human geography serves as an excellent platform for integrating knowledge from various related disciplines, such as sociology, anthropology, development studies, psychology, international relations, economics and business administration.

Master's specialisations

You can choose a specialisation of the Master'in Human Geography that best reflects your interests:

Conflicts, Territories and Identities

You'll come to understand the backgrounds and causes, the mental and physical borders related to (international) conflicts, war and terrorism as well the strategies and challenges organisations intervening in these conflicts deal with.

Cultural Geography and Tourism

Learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and their influence on the social and physical environment.

Economic Geography

Study the role of regions as locations for economic activities. Focus on the meaning of local and global culture, and policy-making at various spatial levels.

Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance

Learn more about crucial geopolitical and social developments in Europe. Dive into current debates on issues related to sovereignty and identity, European mobility, the European internal market and cross-border cooperation.

Globalisation, Migration and Development

Investigate the effects of globalisation and migration processes on economies, societies and resources on different parts of the world. The main focus lies on the Global South and its interaction with the Global North.

Urban and Cultural Geography

Focus on how the city is represented and how city images emerge and are contested. You'll study the hybrid nature and the daily struggles in urban life, cultural diversity and the political economy of the city.

Flexible specialisation

We also offer you the opportunity to make your own combination of courses. There must be a logical connections between them as well adhere to the general programme structure. Your choice must also be approved by the Examination Board. If you're interested in this, please contact the study advisor.

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Study options for this course

Entry requirements

Master's programme in Human Geography

Admission requirements for students with a Dutch university Bachelor's degree

Admission requirements for students with a foreign Bachelor's degree

If you don't meet the admission requirements

If you do not meet these admission requirements, it may be possible to take a one-year pre-Master's programme and enrol in the Master's programme a year later, after successful completion of the pre-Master's. This also applies to students with a relevant Bachelor's diploma from a university of applied sciences (Dutch: HBO; German: Fachhochschule).

* Applicants are considered to be a native speaker of English if they are from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA or South Africa.

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