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1 year

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EU 2006 per year

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EUR 9432 per year

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About Economics at Radboud University

Title/degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (60 EC), full-time
Start month: September
Language of instruction: English
Croho code: 66401

Economics Plus: looking beyond money, markets and regulations and becoming an economist that can tackle complex economic issues in today's fast-changing, globalising world.

We challenge you to look at Economics differently and to discover that it is much more than money, markets and regulations. Economists also examine consumers', businesses' and governmental financial behaviour and decision-making. Decisions as to where and why to spend money are fundamental in economics. And because reasoning is not always rational, it's important to have a clear understanding of thought processes. Having an eye for all these facets will give you a strong basis to tackle the complex economic issues in today's fast-changing globalising world. Simply put, our Master's programme in Economics will put you ahead of the game.

Master's specialisations

You choose one of our seven specialisations in Economics:

Accounting and Control

Gain the skills and knowledge required to become a professional in the domains of auditing, accountancy, controlling and financial management/consulting.

Corporate Finance and Control

Focus on the financial management and governance of firms and learn how to deal with not just economic but also managerial, legal, and reporting aspects to strengthen and maximise enterprise value.

Economics, Behaviour and Policy

Learn to analyse and develop policy which solves micro, meso an macroeconomic issues, both for public and private organisations.

Financial Economics

Analyse and understand the working of (global) financial markets. This includes aspects like financial risk management, asset pricing and monetary policy.

International Economics and Business

Require insights from both economics and business studies and prepare yourself for a career at an international operating business firm.

International Economics and Development

Analyse and compare the economic development of developing countries, with a special focus on the low and middle income countries of the Global South.

International Political Economy

Uncover the economic and political dimensions of global issues and power struggles behind policy choices. Learn to understand and explain the world from the perspectives of different stakeholders.

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Study options for this course

Entry requirements

Admission requirements for students with a Dutch university Bachelor's degree

In order to get admission to this Master's programme you will need a completed academic Bachelor's degree in Economics or a related discipline.

Admission requirements for students with a foreign Bachelor's degree

For those who don't meet the requirements

If you do not meet these admission requirements, it may be possible to take the one-year pre-Master's programme and enrol in the programme a year later. Students with certain Bachelor's degrees from a university of applied sciences (Dutch: HBO; German: Fachhochschule) can enrol in a pre-Master's programme for HBO students. Every specialisation of the Master's programme in Economics requires a different pre-Master's programme.

Postgraduate pathways and pre-masters at other institutions

If you do not meet the entry requirements for this course then consider one of these postgraduate preparation courses from another institution:

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