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The Higher School of Economics is one of Russia’s top universities and a leader of the country’s higher education. In 25 years of its history, HSE University became a well-renowned research university with an expertise in economics and social sciences and ties with the best universities of Europe and Asia.

With the faculty from more than 50 countries and campuses in 4 cities, we offer outstanding educational programmes from secondary school to doctoral studies, with top departments and research centres in a number of international fields.

The university is ranked 38th among the world’s young universities (QS - Top 50 Under 50, 2019) and the best Russian university in Economics, Sociology, Politics, Finances, and Business & Management Studies (QS - World University Rankings by subject, 2018).

HSE Global Scholarship Competition - 2020. Registration is open!

HSE University is to hold its regular, seventh Competition for the 2020/2021 academic year from October 24 till 31, 2019. The participation is free. The participants can choose between an on-campus (offline) mode and an off-campus (online) mode of participation. You can take part in the Competition if you are high-school student in year 10th or 11th grade (or in year 11th or 12th grade for those pursuing a 12-year school programme, respectively). Or if you have graduated from international comprehensive schools or currently study in international colleges and are under 30 years of age. Foreign citizens residing in Russia and who are under 30 years old are also invited to take part in the Competition.

Participants of the Competition will be given an excellent chance to get an early admission and apply for scholarships and grants allowing them to get either a tuition waiver or a tuition fee discount. What is more, GSC results are valid for two years, which allows students to take the gap year being backed by the early admission. 

For preparation and more detailed information visit: https://olymp.hse.ru/en/inter/news/

Also, visit our Telegram channel: https://t.me/interolymp

Undergraduate students

HSE University has a strong connection with business, government, and research institutions. This allows us to prepare professionals who acquire practical skills along with the theoretical knowledge. Such practice oriented approach makes our graduate valuable and desired on the international level.

Our professors often are experts from partner companies and institution like it is in case of Computer Sciences where students are being taught by the current employees of the biggest IT and technology companies.

Undergraduate students at HSE enroll in four-year programmes that are taught in Russian, English, or a combination of both languages. Students choose for themselves up to a third of the courses required for their majors, enabling them to develop specific competencies and explore diverse areas of interest. Experiential learning and research are the key to education at HSE and students must earn up to 20% of the credits required for graduation through project work, which equips them with the skills they need to begin their careers after graduation.

We provide several double degree programmes in cooperation with the most prominent universities. Since 1997, the Higher School of Economics and the London School of Economics and Political Science (a division of the University of London) have been carrying out a project unique to Russian education. Instruction at the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF), entirely in English, is offered in programmes selected by the HSE’s U.K. partners. Graduates of the ICEF’s Bachelor’s programme receive two degrees - from HSE and the University of London.

Graduate students

Higher School of Economics is a university which is highly integrated into international science. We provide 31 English-taught Master’s programmes in fields from Philosophy to Software Engineering which are taught by international faculty. Our students are highly integrated into global science and international business.

Graduate programmes at HSE University are typically two years and taught in Russian, English, or a combination of both languages. Across faculties, these programmes enable students to acquire specific competencies that are in great demand by employers. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, students gain experience through internships at research centres, corporations, and organizations in Russia and around the world. Many double-degree programmes are offered with partner universities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

But the labour market is changing rapidly and radically. Thus the Higher School of Economics prepares its students to professions which are going to be in demand in 5-10 years’ time. These professions of the future demand new qualifications and HSE University overcomes the greatest challenge to predict such changes in advance so our graduates will be competitive and highly demanded in next years.

International preparatory programmes of HSE University.

International students may also apply to enrol in fee-paying preparatory programmes.

The following programmes are offered:

1. HSE International Preparatory Programmes in Russian.  The programmes are designed for international students who are planning to enter a Russian-taught full-degree programme at HSE or another Russian university. The courses cater to students with varying levels of Russian including three levels: basic, intensive and extended courses.

2. English Preparatory Programme in Economics. The programme is designed to prepare students for a degree-level study in the field of Economics in English. The course curriculum is divided in 2 semesters and combines English language training and subject-specific modules.

After completing a chosen preparatory programme, students take exams. Successfull graduates of  HSE Preparatory Basic course  and English Preparatory Programme in Economics are eligible for a 25% scholarship on further tuition-paid programmes.

International Study Tour in Fall Semester 2019/20 by HSE University

Discover Russia through Study Tour Experience.

The Study Tour Experience is a unique worldwide project intended for undergraduates who are keen on finding new discoveries and ready for taking part in experiments, as well as willing to expand their horizons through new opportunities. This project offers a wide range of interdisciplinary courses with a particular focus on obtaining in-depth expertise in such fields as economics, international relations, business and management, law and finance, communications, design and computer sciences.

Undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of study, as well as university graduates, are invited to take part in the project.

For more detailed information visit: https://www.hse.ru/en/studytour/

Foreign Language Websites

HSE now has new versions of its website for Chinese and Arabic speakers.

Courses at HSE University

There are 99 courses listed from HSE University. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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