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In addition to being known to most people as the largest country in the world based on total area, Russia is also famous for its history, culture and notable figures. Some well-known individuals from Russia are in the fields of literature, art and music, such as Lev Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Petr Tchaikovski and Ivan Repin, while some have made their mark in science, such as Mikhail Lomonosov, Dmitri Mendeleev and Ivan Pavlov, adding to the country’s distinction in different fields.

With its vast size stretching across Asia and Europe, the country is very diverse in terms of its population and culture.

Why Study in Russia?

The country and its people have contributed significantly to different fields, making it a wise choice for students who have a variety of interests. Potential students looking to pursue the arts, such as literature, ballet and music, will find many programs that can cater to their needs. On the other hand, the country is also recognized for its contribution to the sciences and research, making it a potential study destination for students leaning towards taking courses in those fields. Russia is also an ideal country to study the history, cultures and languages of its region, as it provides an environment wherein students learn first-hand about the subject.

About Russia

Officially known as the Russian Federation, the country covers over 17 million square kilometers and shares its land borders with 14 other countries. Spanning two continents and nine time zones and with over 160 ethnic groups, there is no way to generalize what Russian culture is, and visitors should expect variety in architecture, cuisine and art. With its large area, variety is also expected with the country’s climate.

Education in Russia is in the process of adhering to the Bologna Process model, and these days, an undergraduate program can normally be completed in four years and a Master’s program in two, and many choose to complete all six years of education to gain an MSc or MA.

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Cost of Studying & Living in Russia

The different degree programs typically cost around $2000 to $8000 in tuition fees per year. The exact cost varies depending on the major taken as well as the institution granting the degree.

In addition to tuition fees, prospective students also need to take into consideration the living costs in Russia. Rent in most cities can cost an average of $550 for a 1-bedroom apartment, with basic utilities coming in at around $95 a month. Some universities offer accommodation in dorms, which typically cost less than renting in the city center. Cheap meals on average cost around $5 to $9, while non-alcoholic local beer is available for around $2 per half-liter. For more details, you can check this page.


International students pursuing studies in Russia must have a visa. They must obtain an official invitation, which can be done through the educational institutions. Students will be asked to submit data or documents to the university, and they will forward these to the immigration officials. You can find out more on a student visa advice page.


Considered as one of the six official languages of the UN, Russian is the country’s official language, although it recognizes over 30 other languages in its different regions. There are some programs offered in English, although the majority are conducted in Russian. If the language of instruction of a particular program or course is Russian, then students wishing to be admitted may require proof of proficiency through taking language courses and passing a language exam.



Russia’s largest city and capital, Moscow, is also largely considered as its cultural hub. With the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral looming over its streets, the city is home to numerous museums, galleries and monuments that provide visitors and insight into its long history. At night, the city’s bars, clubs, opera and theatre come alive and bring prime entertainment to locals and foreigners alike.

Moscow also houses some of Russia’s top universities. The list includes Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Lomonosov Moscow State University, National University of Science and Technology and National Research Nuclear University – Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

St. Petersburg

Located at the northwest of the country is its second largest city and former capital, St. Petersburg. The city is one of Russia’s prime tourist areas, with its attractions like The Winter Palace, Russian Museum, Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Mariinsky Theater and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It is often compared to destinations like Venice, Paris and Amsterdam for its islands and the bridges that connect them.

Some of the universities present in the city are Saint Petersburg State University, the Institute of International Economic Relations, Economics and Law and Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.


The largest city in Asian Russia, Novosibirsk, is located in the south of the country and is another area with several educational institutions. In fact, it has its own own university town called Akademgorodok, which has 35 research institutes and houses the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Siberian division as well as Novosibirsk State University. The Novosibirsk State Agricultural University, Novosibirsk State Technical University and the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences are also in the city.

Institutions in Russia

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