5 International Students Talk about Why They Chose ITMO University in St. Petersburg, Russia

By ITMO University

It’s agile and flexible and very international. This is what students say about ITMO University, one of the leading higher education institutions in Russia and in top 100 globally for Computer Science as well as Automation and Control.

Out of a 19,000 student body, almost 19 percent are international students here for semester exchanges, Master’s programs taught in English  and summer/winter schools. Some are also eligible for scholarships through the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project.

So why do students from around the world choose ITMO University? Here’s what five of them had to say:

Tsegai Haileslassie Tekle

Tsegai Haileslassie Tekle came to ITMO University from Eritrea, East Africa, to pursue Master’s degree in Chemistry of Applied Materials at ITMO’s SCAMT Laboratory.

He said: “ITMO University is one of the leading higher education and research institutions. It’s also one of the 15 Russian universities that were selected to participate in the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. Another important factor was that I studied English, and ITMO is one of the few universities in Russia that teaches Master’s courses in English, so I could not pass on that opportunity. I also liked ITMO’s philosophy of “It’s more than a University” and its capabilities for integration and adaptation of international students.”

Caio Alvares De Angelis

Caio Alvares De Angelis comes from São Paulo, Brazil, where he’s studying Bachelor’s there in Automation and Robotics Engineering. He came to ITMO University on a spring exchange program. “I wanted a different experience than regular Brazilian exchange students. Mostly we go to Canada, the USA or Germany, I wanted something different. I chose ITMO because of its partnership with my college, and also because ITMO has a good reputation in robotics competitions and its solutions to problems.”

William Ngona Mulenga

Originally from the Republic of Zambia, Africa, William Ngona Mulenga is a Master’s student of Innovation Economics and Industry Regulation. “I chose this field because it emphasizes on the topic of innovation alongside the study of technology, knowledge, and entrepreneurship. ITMO University has a center primary focused on entrepreneurship. Every week we hold seminars with business leaders from different fields. I find these seminars very interesting because I get to interact with real business leaders and other entrepreneurs as well.”

Laura Rodriguez

Hailing from Mexico, Laura Rodriguez is a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Art & Science program where she explores bioart and sustainable materials. “I am interested in different means of creation and expression. Kombucha is what we call bacterial cellulose, created by a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeasts. Working with kombucha allows us to address the issues of biodesign, community, and bioart. It sounds interesting to work with this material for design and art, and I was curious to discover its legacy within Russian traditions. Apparently it was very popular in the 19th century.”

Sagar Kumar

Sagar Kumar came from India to pursue a Master’s degree in the Big Data and Machine Learning program. “Before coming to Russia, I had only one desire: to pursue research in my field with which to help humankind in every way possible. With the help of quantum cognition and some cognitive science concepts I want to help the people who are experiencing problems with their brain and body to improve hand movements and to walk.”

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