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3 Years

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About Bachelor of Computer Technology at AFDA

In a disruptive, always accelerating and fast changing world, we as a society, are witnessing the rise of the globalisation and other emergent economies. With the exponential growth in use of technology, there are greater demands the need for technical skills that are complimented by creative, communicative, critical thinking, innovative, and collaborative abilities. The BCT is about students creating and promoting technology platforms for start-ups working in the creative economies. Start-up teams will use these platforms to host, manage, distribute and monetize the creative outputs. There is also a small focus on using and exploring new technologies to enhance their platforms with custom made features or assets.

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  • The awardBachelor DegreeHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study3 years
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Entry requirements

A Certified copy of SAQA Certificate of Evaluation of the applicant’s International qualifications is required for acceptance into AFDA programmes. This certificate is obtained from the South African Qualifications Authority – SAQA ( The NQF Act, 67 of 2008, gives SAQA the mandate to, “with respect to International qualifications, provide an evaluation and advisory service consistent with this Act”.

SAQA fulfils this mandate through the Directorate of International Qualifications Evaluations and Advisory Services (DFQEAS). The work of DFQEAS helps to clarify the meaning of International qualifications for local use and links those qualifications to NQF levels so that the holders of International qualifications can take up work and study opportunities in South Africa.

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