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About Business & IT (BSc) at University of Twente

This programme offers you the perfect mix of computer science and business. With your knowledge of how to develop and use advanced IT systems, you will play a pivotal role in the company and/or come up with cool innovations.

Below, you can learn more about the programme, find out about the unique aspects of the Business & IT Bachelor - also known as Business Information - or check out the admission requirements.

Making technology work

Information technology is vital for any business. But there is more to it than just setting up computers and installing software: the employees also have to be able to work with it. In our Business & IT programme, you will learn how to develop advanced IT systems and how to implement them in a company. You will find ways to develop such systems in such a way that everyone using it will benefit ? focusing both on technology and on people.

A Practice- orientated Bachelor

An important part of the programme is understanding how IT can improve cooperation between businesses. As a Business & IT specialist, you will be able to analyze business-to-business collaboration and map the processes and data exchanges involved. You will learn all of this during practical projects covering themes such as the introduction of a public transport chip card ('OV-chipkaart' in Dutch), in which all the national and regional public transport operators in the Netherlands work together. This Bachelor's programme is very much in touch with the business world, so you will enjoy regular sessions with teachers and guest lecturers who work in the field. You will also spend a lot of time working on practical projects. All in all, you will rub shoulders quite intensively during this course with businesses and (semi-)government companies, such as banks, consultancy agencies and hospitals.

User-friendly IT systems

Developing and implementing IT systems in companies is the focal point of Business & IT. How can you develop and introduce IT systems in such a way that both the business and its customers will benefit? How can IT help a manager make better decisions? You will study examples of automation projects that have succeeded or failed, thus learning what it takes to be successful in this field. Take the Netherlands' events and media company ID&T, for instance: this firm manages in no time to sell all of the tickets for big events like Sensation and Mysteryland. How do they successfully use social media to achieve this?

Reasons to study Business & IT at Twente

A unique combination of computer science and business

The Bachelor's programme Business & IT at the University of Twente in Enschede is unique in its structure and content. It is the only university-level Business Information programme that is made up of two full courses: at the University of Twente, we offer high-quality education both in the field of Computer Science and that of Business Administration (which includes gaining knowledge in business administration processes and macro-economic affairs). Business & IT graduates are skilled in more than just technology.

Focused on professional practice

At Twente, you get to work on up-to-date, specific case studies dealing with information technology and the business world from day one. Our programme is squarely grounded in professional practice. You will notice this not only during the many projects and assignments, but also in the fact that you will regularly attend lectures given by guest speakers from the field.

Building bridges

During this Bachelor's programme, you will learn how to programme, but you will not end up as a programmer. You will know what challenges the manager of a purchasing division faces, without wanting to be a purchasing manager yourself. Above all, you will be a bridge builder. You will know how to solve automation problems in large companies and how best to implement processes. You will be skilled in connecting the dots, as you will speak the languages of IT professionals and managers alike. In order to put forward smart solutions tailored to the specific needs of that one organization, you will have to be at home in many different markets, which means being able to successfully collaborate with people representing other disciplines.

A small-scale programme

Compared to other programmes, the Bachelor's programme Business & IT at the University of Twente is not very big. Every year, we start out with about thirty or forty students. This obviously means that this course has a very personal feel to it. No one here is a number and we really do all know each other.

More information about Business & IT

Information technology is vital for any business. How can you ensure that software does exactly what a company expects it to do and that IT systems are accurately aligned to business processes? The Bachelor's programme in Business & IT brings these two worlds together. You will acquire knowledge of business processes, so you will know exactly how an organization operates and what you need to tweak to make effective changes. By studying the latest IT systems, you will become keenly aware of the options available and learn how to streamline new products and services by harnessing the power of IT. In our unique Bachelor's projects, you will learn how to link the two fields of business and information technology instinctively.

Developments in computer science are advancing at lightning speed, so it is a constant challenge to keep in step and make the right choices. Your expertise will ensure that your future employer does not fall behind, while avoiding the pitfall of latching on to each new and costly trend.

Business & IT professionals come into their own in commercial environments. As an information specialist, you will be at home in any company eager to improve and innovate, knowing that in today's world IT is the lifeblood of business processes.

Are you a bridge builder who looks towards the future? Can you handle the challenge of keeping one step ahead of developments in information technology? Then Business & IT at the University of Twente may be the perfect course for you. To find out more, read up on student experiences and check our annual study programme. Or sign up to be a Student for a Day - always a good idea to get a feel for the place. This way you can see whether Business & IT at the University of Twente is the ideal course for you.

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Entry requirements

Students from outside the Netherlands should have a pre-university secondary education comparable to the Dutch VWO diploma, with high passing grades in Mathematics as a required subject. As the programme is taught entirely in English, a high level of English proficiency (CEFR, B2/C1 level; minimum IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent) is also required. For more information, check the language requirements.

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