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About Biomedical Technology (BSc) at University of Twente

Technology for the healthcare sector

Would you like to develop technology for healthcare? Are you interested in rehabilitation robots, artificial organs, medical scans and prostheses? Then the Bachelor's programme Biomedical Technology might be just the thing for you. During this engineering programme you will learn to design and develop new technology for the healthcare sector, creating medical innovations that will make a real difference in healthcare. The key word is applicability.

Medical innovations of the future

In the medical world, technological innovations are emerging at an amazing pace. The speed of development will only increase in the future. This calls for engineers with broad technological knowledge, insight into the intricacies of the human body and creative ideas. The Bachelor's programme Biomedical Technology at Twente will prepare you to be this kind of engineer. You will learn how to research, design and develop technology for healthcare. You will be equipped to come up with the medical innovations of the future. Take the invention of the MRI scanner, a machine that has become indispensable to hospitals. Yet it was only 30 years ago that a scientist thought of applying principals of magnetism from physics to create images of the human body. That is exactly what you will be doing as a Biomedical Technology student at the University of Twente: you will use and develop technology to create new and original applications.

A multi-disciplinary approach

During this programme, we will teach you to take the patient's needs as your starting point and to then translate those needs into a product. Once you have correctly analysed the problem, you will put to work your knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biology and medicine in order to come up with the desired technological solution. This multi-disciplinary approach is very important when it comes to developing new technology, because combining principals from different areas helps you achieve better results. Through the Biomedical Technology programme you will become a specialist capable of finding the right technology for the desired application.

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