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About Medicine and Surgery at Humanitas University, Medicine and Surgery

Humanitas Medicine and Surgery degree course is a 6-year university programme.

The course is taught entirely in English. A basic knowledge of Italian is required during the clinical practice, at the third year. Read more about language related requirements here.

From the first year, theoretical interdisciplinary modules are integrated with hands-on experience and simulation activities. Clerkships commence in the 3rd year, when students can also access the The Virgilio Program.

In this video Naz (Turkey) and Louis (France) share their experiences as medical students at Humanitas University: the key features that make studying medicine at Hunimed unique, typical study and clinical rotation activities, the role of tutors and professors, daily life at Hunimed and special opportunities offered by the university.

The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to teaching, therefore most individual courses are grouped into modules, with a total of 360 credits and 29 examinations, distributed into 12 semesters. Attendance is compulsory and is a prerequisite to taking exams.

Among the teaching methods, particular relevance is given to interactive teaching, which mostly consists of group activities and team-work coordinated by a tutor. Examples of such methods are Problem Based Learning, Case Method, Problem Solving, Concept Maps and Portfolios.

Study options for this course

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Notes about fees for this course

The amount of the tuition fees is determined annually by the University. For European students, tuition fees at Humanitas University are calculated according to the economic situation of the family of the student. There are four different categories of income, calculated according to the economic situation of the student’s family on the basis of the ISEP Index.

ISEP Index Categories:

  • 1st (Less than 30) - 10.156 EUR per year
  • 2nd (From 30 to 55) - 13.156 EUR per year
  • 3rd (From 55 to 80) - 17.156 EUR per year
  • 4th (More than 80) - 20.156 EUR per year

Indicated fees are yearly and cover the cost of the course. They do not include accommodation, food, books or other services. Info on our accommodation services is available here.

Across the various years of course, the fee within the same income category will not vary to such an extent as to significantly impact the economic situation of the student.

Entry requirements

Non-European students:

  • have a non-EU citizenship***;
  • have NO additional Italian citizenship;
  • do not live in Italy.

***Please note that citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Republic of San Marino are equated to European students.

Full requirements on the Call for Applications.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • a Secondary School Diploma or attending the last year of the secondary education
  • if your local school system provides for 11 or 10 years of schooling, the title is valid when integrated with 1 or 2 years of university.

Specific requirements apply to UK, US, IB and other diplomas.  

For candidates holding UK diplomas

  • 3 A-levels in Science related subjects

For candidates holding International Baccalaureate diplomas

  • IB obtained after 12 years of education
  • IBs obtained after 11 years of schooling integrated with 1 year of university

If you attended the Italian track you qualify as EU student, regardless of your citizenship.

For candidates holding Greek diplomas

  • “Apolityrion” score higher than 10 out of 20

For Candidates Holding US Diplomas

  • 3 APs (Advanced Placements) in Science related subjects or
  • two years of college education or
  • one year of college education and 4 APs (as above).

For Candidates Holding Other Diplomas

Minimum entry requirements will be reported in the relevant Calls for Applications.

Language related recommendations for applicants

English language recommendations

Italian Language Recommendations:

  • The University provides free Italian courses over the academic year to support international students.
  • By the beginning of the third year, when clinical activities start, students are expected to have reached a good level of Italian to be able to interact with patients.

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