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BSc, MPhys

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3 - 4 Years

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About Quantum Science and Lasers at University of Exeter

These programmes are for those interested in the twin technologies of lasers and quantum devices which underpin the revolutionary developments in information technology and computing that are transforming our society. As computers become faster and smaller, devices are required that use single quantum particles to store and convey information. At this level, an understanding of the underlying quantum nature of these particles, whether they are electrons or photons, is essential.

The programmes combine core physics with modules on the principles of lasers and quantum devices based on semiconductors and superconductors, reflecting the significant international research reputation of the Department. There is a large demand from high-tech industries for graduates in this area.

Pre-University Physics Course

We run a three-day Pre-University Physics Course early in July each year which is open to anyone considering a physics course at any university. It provides a unique opportunity to get a feel for the subject at this level and for university life, before you make your choices on the UCAS form. Contact the PUPC Secretary, Department of Physics on +44 (0)1392 264149 or e-mail PhysUG@exeter.ac.uk.

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  • The awardBSc, MPhysHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study3 - 4 years
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