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4 Years

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EUR 2209 per year

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EUR 7776 per year

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About International Business Innovation Studies at Inholland University of Applied Sciences

The IBIS programme merges solid business knowledge with modern, creative, future-oriented and change-driven concepts and applications, combined with a good dose of international and cross-cultural knowledge and skills. The programme focuses on innovation in an international business context. This includes product and service innovation as well as process innovation, management innovation, sector innovation and societal innovation. 


The entire study programme is constructed around five meta-skills that are key in business innovation: DEFINE - DESIGN - EXECUTE - LEARN - LEAD.

These meta-skills are derived from a thorough study of the design thinking model, analysis of the innovation process, and a break-down the crucial elements of the process of 'traditional' business and implementation. Everyone occasionally has a good or smart idea, out of the blue. That is not innovation. Innovation is continuously generating a multitude of ideas, based on research, observations, and trends and developments (i.e. 'discovery') and actually implementing these ideas and hence creating value for the company and the end users (i.e. 'delivery').

uncovering the right problem to solve or opportunity to pursue and framing it in a way that invites creative solutions.
developing ethically sound solutions that can better meet the end users' needs and that generate value for end users.
performing the tasks involved in the implementation of the designed concepts, products, services, experiences, business model, processes, strategy, business and/or department.
monitoring the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of (learning) actions, activities and results before, during and after performing them.
managing people, action, information and yourself, whether in a managing position or not, from a profound understanding of what customers, vendors and suppliers want.


Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardBBAHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study4 years
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 2209 per yearInternational course feesEUR 7776 per year

Notes about fees for this course

Inholland has two types of student tuition fees: statutory tuition fees (€2,006/year) or institutional tuition fees (€7,776/year). To be eligible for the lower statutory tuition fees you must meet two conditions. If you are unable to meet these conditions, you will pay the higher institutional tuition fees.

Entry requirements

The rules on enrolment and deregistration provided is largely based on the formal rules laid down in the Students' Charter (also referred to as the Study Guide). The rules have been supplemented with practical information to ensure that the enrolment and deregistration process run as smoothly as possible.


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