Sports Science and Physical Education (BSc)

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About Sports Science and Physical Education at European University Cyprus

The “Sport Science and Physical Education” program of the European University Cyprus consists of an innovative and sophisticated academic intervention in the field of sport and athletic area in Cyprus and Greece. The program is aimed at people wishing to pursue their passion and interest in sport and turn their passion into professional activity regardless of their previous athletic experience and status. The program is staffed by renowned scholars of Sport Science and other related scientific fields (eg Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Biology, Medicine, etc.). The program structure includes common studies for all students during the first three years of enrolment through which basic training is provided as well as the pedagogical and didactic competence of students is ensured. In the fourth year of study, students can choose between the specializations of "Competitive Sport - Coaching" while specializing in the sport of their choice at the same time, the "Exercise and Health" discipline as well as they have the flexibility and ability to make a free choice of courses to adjust focus on their own measures and context of interest.

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