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About Public Relations at Sheffield Hallam University

The role of public relations in modern society has never been greater. As more media platforms are launched with fewer journalists, the opportunities for skilled PR professionals continue to grow. If you are a recent graduate with little or no PR experience, this course gives you the skills you need to become an effective professional. If you work in PR already, you learn the latest techniques necessary to succeed in the fast changing world of communications analytical, management and organisational skills needed at the highest levels You also learn practical skills such as writing news releases organising press conferences creating PR campaigns dealing with the media responding to bad news. You make case studies of important PR campaigns and work with clients to develop your professional skills in the real world. You understand how to work with journalists, to meet their needs and to maximise positive publicity and minimise negative coverage for your clients. We give you the skills needed to get your message across different media types including print, broadcasting and the internet. Experienced academics who have worked at the highest levels in PR, and in print and broadcast journalism teach this course. We also have close links with PR and media organisations. The course combines academic learning, vocational training and hands on practice. You learn to use practical, management and organisational PR skills understand key concepts, theories and debates in PR work effectively with the media industry understand the ethical dimensions of PR and apply ethical practice in your work work flexibly, confidently and to professional standards carry out research into the PR and media industries and how to think originally

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