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About BSc in Bioengineering at Abdullah Gül University

Bioengineering and its research areas

Bioengineering is an interdisciplinary field that basically aims to understand, modify or control medical systems by integrating material sciences and engineering. It fabricates the devices that helps the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and designs the products that provide the traceability of physiological functions. In other words, bioengineering applies basic science and engineering principles into life and living system through laboratory and aims to perform research that helps to elongate human lifetime and improves life quality.

Bioengineering incorporates different fıelds. One of those fıelds is biomedical computing and screening which identifıes biomaterials that are inspired by nature. Another subject that falls under biomedical engineering is the technology of biomedical devices that is involved in synthesizing artificial tissues in addition to “smart” drug carriers, sensory-chip systems for disease diagnosis and treatment and all assistant biomedical equipment that are involved in disease screening. Bioengineering also comprises the biosynthesis of animal and plant products. In addition to that, it is involved in cellular and molecular engineering and regenerative medicine, which deals with recombinant DNA technology, welfare and control of foods, development and control of new biotechnological products with high added value such as GMO.

In other words, bioengineering is an interdisciplinary field that merges both basic sciences and engineering.

Definition of Bioengineer

Bioengineer is a person who aims to find unique solutions for recent global problems with interdisciplinary knowledge which contain medicine, basic sciences and engineering and  with gained researh experience and who has researcher and entrepreneur personality and ethical values. Bioengineer is also able to design and control the products related to interdisciplinary fields which contain research areas of bioengineering.

 Career opportunities for Bioengineers

Bioengineers can be employed in the industrial fields such as health care, medical devices, and drug research in different departments such as research and development, quality control and marketing besides academic career in universities.

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