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About Bachelor in Economics at Abdullah Gül University

Economics is a scientific field through which students are educated and trained to find out limping parts of contemporary economies, to carry out analysis on them and offer possible solutions, to utilize existing resources in an optimum way, to have solid theoretical and practical economic knowledge, and to be capable of versatile and solution-oriented thinking.

The science of economics, featuring examinations of production, trade, barter, pricing, decisions with limited resources and under constraints in its history, is an area where answers for problems related to abovementioned areas are sought, examinations and analyses are discussed, and studies are performed jointly with areas of sociology, mathematics, physics, philosophy and law. In addition to these, economics is a branch of science where budgets and policies of states and institutions are examined, and various methods are developed and applied in subjects such as stability, interventions and planning.

Today, with additional effects of widespread technology, various scientific developments and increasing accumulation of knowledge; economics is becoming a science which is applied to practice faster and in broader areas. With new phenomena brought by new era and increasing globalism, the science of economics and dynamics which constitute its subjects are continuously redefined. Thus, economics is becoming a science whose reflections are seen in fields and sectors that are local, global, large or small scale. Concomitant to these, new economists are trained to possess qualities which enable them to adapt to these changes and, with the variety of necessary knowledge and skills, they are becoming productive also in fields that are not directly related to economics. Therefore, economics is a specific branch of science with its historical evolution, interdisciplinary problems, multi-aspect applications, foundational subject base, and education methods.

Why AGU Economics?

If  you want to be an economist with the opportunity of %100 English education,

If you want to benefit from knowledge and expertise of lecturers who have graduate education and training experience from abroad,

If you want to get education with unique, innovative and flexible curriculum structure,

If you want to gain job experience through domestic and international internship opportunities,

If you want to get interactive education with small class sizes,

If you want to be in continuous contact with the young and dynamic lecturers in the scope of academic advisership,

If you want to get education at a campus university established in a city with Free Trade Zones, Organized Industrial Zones, and with active and entreprenurial culture,

AGU Economics will be the right choice for you.

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  • The awardBScHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study4 years
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesTRY 3057 per year

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