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About BSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics at Abdullah Gül University

As one of the main disciplines among modern natural sciences, Molecular Biology and Genetics aims to understand the molecular mechanisms both under normal and disease conditions. The main studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics involve that how genes on the DNA are transcribed into RNA and RNA is subsequently translated into proteins. Proteins are as the functional units in a cell, they serve as an enzymes, structural proteins and transport proteins form building blocks to effector molecules in cellular organisms. For example, starting from recognition  of double stranded structure of DNA by J. Watson and F. Crick in 1953, recombinant DNA technology, monoclonal antibodies, transgenic applications in an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form and genome editing allowed revolutionary developments in this field.

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics search for an answer in molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics using modern technologies and working interdisciplinary. Approach of our department to interdisciplinary studies enables connection between important fields such as basic biology, medicine, food industry and pharmaceutics.

What does a molecular biologist do?

A molecular biologist is defined as a scientist who uses the molecular techniques in order to find answers to scientific questions with regard to life using different approaches varying from cell biology to animal models. After an intensive training for four years with a bachelor degree, molecular biologists can continue their education with Master’s degree or PhD. Since the nature of being a scientist, molecular biologists ask questions and work hard to hypothesize and try to prove/refute them. These studies help them to understand the functions of biological systems. In order to reveal molecular mechanisms in complex organisms like human beings, they use different model organisms such as bacteria, yeast, fruit fly, worm and mouse. At the present time, medically important problems can be solved by using this model systems as well as cell cultures. Considering the abovementioned points, molecular biologists have an important responsibility as well as highly regarded position in society.


Being a world class department, our department by striving for excellence in research as well as teaching applies basic and translational studies to clinical practice for health and social benefits


I. Raise role model qualified individuals who are strong, entrepreneur, creative and solution oriented.

II. Catch the era in the field of Molecular bBiology and Genetics and go a step further and solving national and international problems with a multidisciplinary approach.

III. Transforming knowledge into products to contribute to the economy.

IV. Being at the top among national and international Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments and being a department which is known with its comprehensive research opportunities with internationally recognized and dynamic advisors.

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