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About Science Studies at Aarhus University

Science and technology form part of our day-to-day lives, wherever we are. We constantly have to make decisions that draw on scientific and technological knowledge. The MSc in Science Studies provides you with insight into how science works and how scientific discoveries and knowledge have affected our lives and our societies. You will learn to place scientific knowledge within historical, philosophical, and social perspectives. You will also gain a multi-faceted perspective on the many challenges and opportunities that science provides.


The MSc in Science Studies is open to students with a science bachelor's degree who are seeking a wider perspective on how the natural sciences have developed in their interaction with society and contemporary culture. The programme includes the following themes building on the bachelor's science background - history and philosophy of science; science, technology, and innovation; science and society; and science and communication.

Students in the programme will learn to understand the social and philosophical implications of science, the forces that drive technological change, and contemporary developments within research and within the public understanding of science. Knowledge of the development of science and the ability to analyse science in a cultural and societal context can be useful in many different situations. Graduates may seek to be communicators, presenting the challenges and opportunities that science represents through the media. This knowledge of the interaction between natural sciences, technology and society is relevant in public administration, in business and industry, and in many kinds of organisation.


The Centre for Science Studies has excellent study facilities, including the new shared library for science studies and many natural science programmes. It is notable particularly for its extensive collection of books and journals in the science studies field. The centre is small, which means that students work in close collaboration with the academic staff, and it has gained a reputation for a lively social life. Researchers and students interact on a daily basis, get together for bi-weekly colloquia, and meet up every Tuesday in an informal setting for coffee and cake.


Science Studies graduates will have a sound understanding of the social and philosophical implications of science, the forces that drive technological change, and contemporary developments within research and the public understanding of science. Thus equipped, graduates can seek a career communicating science and its challenges and opportunities to the general public through the media. They can also use their knowledge of the interaction between the natural sciences, technology, and society in public administration, business and industry, and in many different organisations.

Previous graduates are working as project managers and communication officers in private companies and public organisations, civil servants in public administration, teachers in the Danish high schools, and science writers and editors.

Study options for this course

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Notes about fees for this course

All EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are exempt from payment of tuition fees.

Entry requirements

In general, admission to a Master’s degree programme requires successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelor’s degree in level and length (180 ECTS). All applications must also fulfil the English language requirements.

Find more information about the admission requirements, application procedure and deadlines at Aarhus University.

In addition, you must meet the specific requirements for the Science Studies programme, which can be found on the Science Studies study programme page.

What students think about Aarhus University

    Sagar from India studying Mechanical Engineering

    Testimonial from Sagar from India studying Mechanical Engineering, student at Aarhus University

    "It's very easy to work in English in Denmark. Everyone understands it and can talk in English. I also think that the culture is very interesting. Quite unique in fact. There’s a lot of focus on the potential of the individual, and there’s a lot of openness. Denmark has a very flat hierarchy, and that’s rare. I've never experienced this flat hierarchy before, so actually it was something of a culture shock. And it permeates everything – even on the programme. It's very positive, it's not like the lecturer just arrives, teaches, and goes. There’s interaction, and you’re encouraged to discuss and have an opinion. The professors are genuinely interested in hearing your own opinion about things; even the simplest questions are given respect and are discussed until every aspect is clear to us.”

    Anita from Croatia studying Civil and Architectural Engineering

    Testimonial from Anita from Croatia studying Civil and Architectural Engineering, student at Aarhus University

    "It was weird to live here at first. You had to get used to so many new things. But there were a lot of social events, especially during the first week, and everything was organised for us. I met a lot of Danish and international students, and even some from my own country. It was great, and it helped in the beginning, when you feel that you’re completely alone with so many things. I like Aarhus. It's a big city, but it’s also a small town. It’s exactly the right size, I think, to feel at home and comfortable and yet to have all the opportunities you need and want. And I really like the fact that the university is right in the middle of the city."

    Angelo from Italy studying Computer Science

    Testimonial from Angelo from Italy studying Computer Science, student at Aarhus University

    "What really makes Aarhus University unique is the study environment. The lecturers are very open to discuss their subjects during lectures, but they are also available at other times - sometimes you can discuss with them during the local Friday Bar. Most of the programmes facilitate and foster teamwork, which is so much more fun and closer to the actual working environments. Last, but not least important, you have 24/7 access to facilities, including libraries, study rooms, etc., if you want to go the extra mile."

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