#1 Employability for Savonia Business School Graduates

By Savonia University of Applied Sciences

“We’ve always had confidence in our approach, now we have proof of it.” says Senior Lecturer Abdelazim Hannoura and Student Counsellor Terttu Niskanen, smiling like never before. “We’ve worked really hard to implement our OIS thinking, which means practical and hands-on studies, together with the local business life. Thus, our students can actually DO things, not just refer to theory.”
The results can be seen on Vipunen, Education Statistics Finland website and they are the proof mentioned earlier. 96,49% of Savonia Business School alumni were employed in 2015 and the figure makes Savonia #1 in Finland. For which the BBA team is mighty happy. “Our amazing students deserve this.”

Savonia University of Applied Sciences didn’t do too bad on the whole. All fields of study were well above average in Finland. Tourism & Hospitality reached 3rd place, Engineering 9th, and Agriculture 1st as well.
The above-mentioned OIS thinking is not implemented only within Business School, but all faculties. Each has their own approach to OIS, suitable to that specific field. Maybe it is then the OIS philosophy that trains the students during their school years to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
Finland has a surprisingly high level of unemployment when it comes to PhDs (~4,5% of all unemployed have a PhD, source www.akava.fi) and in that light Savonia could not be happier with the results. It shows that real, practical skills gained from higher education studies seem to make a big difference. Academic vacancies are fairly limited, and businesses seem to need doers more than researchers.

3rd year BBA student Gerly Matihaldi was positively pleased to learn of the results. “Nice!” she said, with as broad a smile as her teachers. She thinks that one of the reasons behind the good results might be the communality and close cooperation between teachers and students. “You teachers care about us, not just school wise, but you are interested in our backgrounds, hobbies and personalities. We socialise and discuss events and things together, so we learn so much more than with traditional lecturer-student relationships.” “And,” she continues, “quite many of our exchange students would love to stay here instead of going back home, because of the atmosphere and practical approach we have here.” If only they could. Stay, we mean, all of them, our international friends.
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