Ready to be the architect of your own future?

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Do you love buildings and see them as more than places to live, work or study? Are you inspired by your local cityscape or do you want to change it? Do you find yourself loving both creative activities and analytical problem solving?

A career in architecture offers you the opportunity (after years of study) to shape the world we live in. Consider it the art AND science of designing buildings and other structures. Sound inspiring? Then read on…

What does an architect do?

Architects are professionally trained designers who work on small buildings, groups of buildings and large or complex buildings, as well as the places in and around them. They combine creative design with a wide range of technical knowledge to provide integrated solutions for built and natural environments.

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Regardless of project scale, architects have five main roles during a project:
1. Starting the Project – The architect talks to the client about expectations, project requirements and budget. The result is the design brief.
2. Design Phase – The architect analyses the design brief and the building site conditions, and determines the best location and orientation. The architect then develops ideas through rough plans, sketches and models.
3. Design development, documentation & building approvals – The architect compares the concept design drawings with the design brief and develops the technical detail for the project with the project team. Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared for the builder and lodged to obtain building approval.
4. Construction – The architect works with the builder and other project team members to ensure that the project is constructed in accordance with the drawings and specification.
5. After construction – It is the architect’s responsibility to follow up any relevant issues or outstanding work with the client and the builder.
What skills are required?

  • Imaginative and creative thinking skills
  • An ability to analyse and critically assess problems
  • An ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • An understanding of history, cultural and environmental concerns

What skills will you develop on the job?

  • A practical and technical understanding of building materials and elements, structures, construction and services
  • Coordination and interpersonal skills to manage a complex project team of consultants
  • Negotiation skills to resolve complex building issues
  • Lateral thinking skills to solve complex problems
  • The ability to mediate and administer a building contract fairly

How to become an architect
We won’t lie to you, studying to become an Architect is hard work! But it’s also very rewarding and offers a stable career. There are four main steps:
1. Secondary study – there are specific Year 12 or equivalent subjects that will help you gain entry into an architecture degree course, so do your research early! These can include art, graphic design, mathematics, business studies, physics, chemistry, communications and IT.
2. Seek work experience in an architect’s office to make sure it’s what you really want to do, and gain valuable job skills.
3. Tertiary education – enrol in an accredited degree program, which takes at least  five years to complete. Find your Architecture course today.
Post Tertiary Training and Registration – Architecture graduates usually need to complete two years of work experience before they can apply to become a registered architect

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