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    English literature as an academic subject studies literature that have been written in the English language. This will encompass texts from many different periods of history, and also texts that have been written with a variety of purposes, such as poetry, sonnets and novels, among others. Through your degree you will gain the skills and knowledge to interpret and analyse many different types of literature.

    Graduates of a masters degree in English literature will have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. The skills gained throughout your degree will be transferable and applicable in a range of professional fields. Some careers you might consider include journalism, archiving, publishing, writing and content production.

    Your degree will be delivered through lectures and seminars, as well as group projects. Modules you study might include:

    • Contemporary Literature
    • World Literatures in English
    • Teaching English Language and Literature
    • Children's Literature
    • Genres in Literature

Masters in English Literature in 2023

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