Digital Media and Communications - Specialisations: 1. Journalism and Social Media Publishing, 2. Public Relations and Advertising in Networked Society, 3. Sports Media and Communications (MA)

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About Digital Media and Communications - Specialisations: 1. Journalism and Social Media Publishing, 2. Public Relations and Advertising in Networked Society, 3. Sports Media and Communications at University of Nicosia

The programme is designed to be completed in one calendar year (12 months), over a fall, a spring and a summer semester of 13 weeks. Working professionals have the part-time study option which may take longer. The programme consists of core courses, specialisation requirements and electives. Students are required to attend lectures and seminars and engage in individual as well as group-based learning activities.


What role does digital media, particularly social media, play in the economy, politics and everyday life? How has social media changed the practice of journalism, public relations and advertising? The MA in Digital media and Communications addresses these and similar questions that have emerged out of the rise of social media and its increasing domination of the media and communication professions. This programme offers a critical analysis of the operation, functions, use, embeddedness and ramifications of social media in a globalised, networked society. It is aimed at people who wish to acquire a critical understanding of social media and learn how to analyse and mobilise them strategically. The programme places emphasis on an evidence-based, scientific examination of current and emerging digital media practices and trends and  on helping students develop their ability to successfully utilise social media in the practice of journalism, public relations, marketing and advertising.


The objectives of the MA in Digital Media and Communications are to provide a critical understanding of current theories, key concepts and new research methods related to social media, investigate institutional, social and technical factors shaping social media practices, examine social media practices as utilised by a variety of actors, including journalists, businesses, politicians and public figures, and enable students to develop effective social media strategies in the practice of journalism, public relations, political lobbying, marketing and advertising.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme can be employed as online programme directors, social media strategists or public relations officers, reporters and producers in the mass media such as newspapers and magazines, public relations and advertising agencies and state and private radio and TV channels. This programme will also prepare students to embark on careers in political communication, research and consultancy.

Access to Further Studies

Upon completion of the programme, students have direct access to further studies. Admission to the Ph.D. programme in Media and Communication offered by the department. This will offer a valuable gateway into a career in academia.

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What students think about University of Nicosia

    From Surgery to Blockchain

    In 2009, I became interested in the innovative field of Blockchains and Bitcoin and read just about everything I could find about it. UNIC is forward thinking, innovative and open-minded. It was the first university in the world to acknowledge this new field as a legitimate academic and professional pursuit, by formally establishing an accredited Masters Degree in Digital Currency.

    My class of about 13 students was geographically, professionally and academically diverse. Each of them added immensely to my overall experience. Similarly, the lecturers were among the most active, well known and most qualified people in the field to teach the course. The fact that it was taught over two years, and three terms online, allowed me to complete the programme from abroad, while working full-time as a surgeon. The online delivery of course materials, assignments and face-to-face video conferences worked well with my busy schedule. For me, the true value of the degree was the opportunity to discuss this esoteric topic with interested people, to better understand where the technology fits in the real world, and its potential future applications.

    I was excited to be among the first ever class in the world to graduate with an MSc in Digital Currency. Since graduating, I’ve been invited to speak in the pharmaceutical industry with respect to pharma use cases for blockchains, by a forum associated with multinational development banks and with respect to use cases as they pertain to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, I’m pivoting my career towards the application of Blockchain Technologies within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life-sciences verticals. In 2016, I was fortunate to be appointed as the Chief Medical Officer & Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board at Blockchain Health Co., a San Francisco healthcare software company mainly focusing on the pharmaceutical industry as clients.

    UNIC has had an enormous beneficial impact on me professionally and has opened a new path for me. I’m nostalgic about my studies, but feel fortunate for the opportunity. UNIC is to be congratulated for being so forward thinking in such a new and innovative field. Had it not been for their foresight, I would not have the opportunities that I have today.


    Bryant Joseph Gilot 
    Chief Medical Officer at Blockchain Health Co.
    Digital Currency, Class of 2016

    From UNIC to Carnegie Mellon to Oracle to Medallia

    I am grateful to UNIC for the jumpstart in my career. I have fond memories of my undergraduate studies, and of the very cosy, friendly atmosphere on campus. From my first days, I never felt like just a number. Our professors were always accessible and willing to give detailed feedback.

    I must add that the staff is highly qualified as well – even freshman courses are taught by professors holding qualifications from the best universities around the world. UNIC is also well-equipped, boasting new buildings with airy classrooms, amphitheatres, as well as a vast library. These were really the best amenities I've ever encountered.

    The support exceeded all my expectations. I received mentoring from faculty members with respect to graduate school admissions. So many people went above and beyond and were true mentors, helping out at every stage. I would not even have dared to apply to a top school like Carnegie Mellon if it was not for the encouragement from my professors!

    After graduating from UNIC, I continued my education in the USA. I had to say goodbye to Cyprus, but I always feel thankful for my alma mater. As it turned out, I was well prepared for my graduate studies. UNIC follows an American model of education, with the majority of time spent on individual preparation. That's how I learned how to deal with priorities and schedule work.

    Moreover, the University’s system of electives permitted me to take additional coursework in Computer Science as part of my degree. It was so valuable being able to tailor my studies to my interests. I feel that I was able to get a solid foundation in Business and Computer Science from my undergraduate studies. At Carnegie Mellon University, I was exempted from a number of subjects, including Java and Databases, with knowledge obtained through my UNIC coursework.

    Having worked at Oracle America Inc. for over five years, I contributed to the development of Oracle Communications' Elastic Charging Engine, a product that has been praised for its elastic scalability, rapid deployment, and engineered efficiency.

    Last year, I decided to join Medallia as a Senior Software Engineer. From my new position, I am involved in developing a range of software products that support the customer experience. As we say at Medallia, this can only be achieved by systematically engaging everyone, which is something that directly ties to my student experience at UNIC.

    Diana Yuryeva
    Senior Software Engineer, Medallia Inc.
    Business Administration, Class of 2009

    From UNIC to Harvard to Data Scientist

    The quantitative knowledge and skills that I gained in the Engineering Department at UNIC became the very solid foundation on which my subsequent career was built.

    Engineering as a subject is known to be intense and challenging, but at UNIC it was also very rewarding. As a student, I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend classes organized and delivered by talented and caring educators, who came to UNIC from some of the world’s most renowned universities. I fondly remember the exchanges that I had with my professors, who actively engage the students not just in the classroom, but who are also very supportive of personal guidance and mentoring.

    In addition to gaining advanced skills in mathematics, electronics and computer programming, I appreciate how I was also able to explore numerous other courses in the humanities and social sciences that helped to satisfy my curiosity and expand my intellectual horizons.

    Upon completing my degree in Electrical Engineering with a 4.0 GPA, I went on to enroll in a Masters programme in Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, followed by the Ph.D. programme in Biostatistics at Harvard University in the United States. I am now the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at EADX, a big data analytics and business consulting company, based in Singapore.

    Looking back at those four years, I am truly grateful for being a member of the UNIC family, and for the crucial role that it played in helping to shape my future.


    Emannuel Dimont

    Founder and Chief Data Scientists, EADX, Singapore
    Electrical Engineering, Class of 2008

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