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About Physics at Sofia University

The B.Sc. degree of the program provides a solid foundation for students aiming to graduate in physics or in any other field in pure or applied science or engineering, for which a sound grasp of physics and mathematics is essential. The undergraduate students can choose from a wide variety of intermediate and advanced courses in physics, but also from a range of courses in other fields of science and engineering. This program also provides excellent preparation for a career in teaching, for work in industrial or governmental research and development institutions, and for other employment in business or industry with a significant scientific component.

The curriculum in Physics for undergraduates at Sofia University is designed carefully to provide a firm knowledge of the basic principles of physics, an appreciation of a wide range of physical problems of current interest, and the capacity to formulate and solve new problems. In addition to classwork and problem solving, the curriculum includes studying physical phenomena in the laboratory. Physics students are strongly encouraged to go beyond the formal theoretical and experimental course work and become involved in research projects under the supervision of distinguished members of the faculty staff.

The recommended elective courses for students in Physics are in the field of wave physics and its applications, condensed matter physics, atomic physics, atomic nuclei and elementary particles, theoretical and mathematical physics, laser physics, optics, spectroscopy, photonics technology, physical electronics and in other fields.

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Entry requirements

1. To have completed secondary education that makes them eligible to continue their studies in higher educational institutions in the country in which the applicants have completed their secondary education

2. In the applicant's diploma for secondary education the grades relevant to the the major applied for are not lower than 62% of the maximum grade in accordance to the grading system in the country, in which the applicant has completed secondary education (i.e. the equivalent to a grade Good 4).

3. To not suffer diseases contra-indicated to the area of study or the profession applied for.

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