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13 months

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EUR 19500 per year

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EUR 19500 per year

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About Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality Management at Hotelschool The Hague

Hotelschool The Hague has designed a 13 month full-time MBA Programme with a focus on business development, concept innovation and change management. Developed from the demands of the industry, the MBA Programme is designed to challenge you, as a future leader in service innovation. Founded on hospitality principles: you learn to excel and make a difference in industries where hospitality is or will become a key differentiator.

It offers you an inspirational environment in which you develop a strong base of knowledge and vision in hospitality innovation. It is designed for those seeking careers in business development, consultancy, hospitality management, facility management, marketing/brand management and entrepreneurship, where hospitality and hospitality innovation can make a difference.

Are you professional, ambitious, open-minded and creative? Do you have a genuine ambition to be a leader in the wider context of the service industry? Then join us at Hotelschool The Hague for our fully accredited, and internationally recognised Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality Management.

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  • The awardMBAHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study13 months
    Course starts find outDomestic course feesEUR 19500 per yearInternational course feesEUR 19500 per year

Notes about fees for this course

Fees are subject to change

Entry requirements

In order to be eligible for the selection procedure of our MBA programme, candidates are asked to meet the following criteria:

Related Bachelor Degree (GMAT may be required)

Professional Work Experience (minimum 1 year cumulative and full-time)

C1 English Language Skills

What students think about Hotelschool The Hague

    Theresa Wählisch Thon: Phase 1 and Phase 2

    Being a world leading school in hospitality management,  phase1 of the studies in Hotelschool The Hague is an introduction into the hospitality industry both from practical and theoretical perspective. As a student you will get to know yourself and the way you cooperate with other students with different cultural backgrounds. Phase 1 covers all the basics in the world of hospitality. You will gain practical knowledge of all the various outlets within a hotel in addition to a range of theoretical subject taught in any ordinary business school such as finance, marketing, human resources and many more.

    During the first year all students live in the student dorm allowing the students to practise their management skills and cooperative skills from the very first day. Living with your fellow students creates a strong bond, a better understanding of the cultural differences that you are facing as a student of Hotelschool The Hague and it provides you with an advantage for your future career in an international industry.

    After the first year you will be go on your first internship in a four to five star hotel somewhere worldwide. The first internship is on an operational level allowing you to gain work experience and depending on the destination; improve your language skills.

    Phase 2 is the period where you as a student will deepen your knowledge within the theoretical world of business and take it to a management level. During this phase you will gather all theoretical knowledge and practise by applying it to smaller cases that are provided for you.  

    Malte Weege: Reporting live from Shanghai, China!

    After your first year at Hotelschool The Hague, most students go on their internships to places all over the world. Dutch people like to say “stage” and I have to agree with them, that is what it is. When you leave university and your cozy warm home, and move into a real work environment where you perform every day duties, you literally are on stage.

    At the moment, I am employed as a management Trainee for the Front Office Team and Guest Relations at the Indigo Hotel Shanghai on the Bund which is ranked within the top 5 hotels in Shanghai. This standard is not set via the corporate office, but by the people working at the hotel, believing that our guests only deserve to receive the best experiences in their “home-away-from-home” in China. This also generates a caring attitude within our team, where we always have each other’s backs, no matter if it is the manager or the trainee!

    Although the hotel tells the neighborhood story of the Bund in Shanghai, we serve a variety of guests from all over the world. During the day, you often have to switch between speaking German, to speaking English, to trying to understand a wild Chinese dialect within minutes.

    Although I am confronted with a strong cultural diversity, I do not have the impression that I am overwhelmed with all the different tasks and requests which come up during the day. I have the opportunity to overcome challenges and meet new people, every day!

    Being in such a booming city like Shanghai, I do not know if you can imagine what it is like to live here. I surely was amazed when I first arrived and my expectations were clearly exceeded. You can almost grasp the energy that is vibrating throughout the city, may it be while you are looking at the skyline, which changes its facade every week or while you are out in the suburbs, where people are approaching you to seek new contacts and opportunities.

    In addition the fast- paced lifestyle during the day, the high-end clubs and exclusive gatherings keep the cities energy alive at night.It seems as if everything is possible here.

    All the best from Shanghai and see you soon!

    Eveline Noort: About Passion for Hospitality and Making Friendships for Life

    Time, such a relative aspect. The older you get, the quicker it seems to pass. Being a student at Hotelschool the Hague, Amsterdam Campus, was the most important period of my life. I spent 4 years studying, developing and bonding with my fellow classmates.

    The programme started with a stressful first year, especially with MoSaC as they called it back then. Then flying off to your first internship at the age of 19. Mine took place in Berlin, as suggested by our Placement Coordinator. When I proposed to go to Thailand, she wisely declined and suggested I should to go to Germany and learn the German language fluently. At that moment I was sad not to go to the exotic location I had in mind – but looking back this was one of the best things that happened to me. Berlin is such a bustling city, and back in 2005 it was not known for that yet. So, I had the pleasure of working in a beautiful property, the Berlin Marriott at Potsdamer Platz, and to work and live in one of the up and coming, cool cities of Europe. Of course I learned German fluently which made it easier to pass future classes – so all in all great advice!

    After my internship I decided to graduate within 4 years, meaning I was very focused on getting high grades on all assignments and exams. Luckily, I got to work in a group of great minds, that had the same passion to succeed. During my studies, the second most important part of my life was my position as Quaestrix at ‘Amsterdams Dames Dispuut Insolente’ and my participation in Comitas, the student association of Amsterdam.

    Hotelschool The Hague is very special in that way – we are all selected based on our passion for hospitality and our characters, so it was easy to make friendships for life. In school, you saw the same people you went out with for dinners, went to the ‘Societeit’ with, and went on vacation with! When I decided to move abroad, the sense of separation was sudden and intense! However, the friends I made at Hotelschool The Hague, are still my closest friends, and I am sure that will never change.

    The second and latest chapter of my life started right after graduation in September 2008. I had just finished my Management Placement at Hotel Pulitzer (part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts), as a 'Duty Manager', and I was about to begin my Vita Futura Management Traineeship in Stockholm, Sweden. Not speaking any Swedish and never been to Scandinavia, I felt nervous but also excited to start this fantastic Management Traineeship.

    The Sheraton Stockholm Hotel managed to give me plenty of opportunities to develop myself. They showed a huge trust in my skills and passion when they elected me to be Acting Front Office Manager, leading a team of 25 employees. This was ten months into my programme, at the age of 23. During the years, I have been to many of Starwood’s internal trainings, which allowed me to develop a huge network within the company.
    In April this year, the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel created the position 'Rooms Division Manager' for me, which I gladly accepted. Now I am in charge of 65 people, including the large Housekeeping operation of this -465 room- hotel in the city centre of Stockholm, at age 27. My career is still going in high speed and I could not be happier about it.

    All in all, my hospitality journey started at Hotelschool The Hague and I would have never been where I am without it.

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