Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) (UG:Diploma)


Cricos: 00958A

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About Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) at Alphacrucis College

The purpose of this course is to develop ministers. This course sets out the essential skills to minister, in particular within a Christian context. These include:

  • Ethical decisions
  • Biblical knowledge and interpretation
  • Theological knowledge and interpretation
  • Pastoral ministry skills

Churches today are larger and more complex in nature. It is important that ministers develop higher level skills in all they do. Ministry can take place within a variety of contexts including Leadership,

Upon completion of this qualification, learners will have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to minister effectively in a variety of settings. Potential vocational outcomes for graduates of this Course will depend on the participants' pre-existing qualifications and experience, as well as their chosen electives.

This course is intended to provide participants with the following general education outcomes:

  • Ability to apply ethical decision making principles
  • Ability to communicate a broad knowledge of an Old Testament book and New Testament book
  • Ability to identify and apply a Christian worldview and values
  • Demonstration of general leadership skills in a ministry context
  • Ability to apply knowledge of pastoral ministry to a broad range of contexts, and depth in the area of specialisation
  • Demonstration of general research skills, particularly the ability to gather, understand, evaluate and analyse information


Units will vary at different locations. Refer to locations and delivery modes for unit list.


For a list of locations where Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) is delivered, please see below;

  • Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) - iSEE COLLEGE
  • Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) - RPL
  • Diploma of Ministry (Leadership) - Macquarie Leadership College


Duration will vary at different locations. Refer to locations and delivery modes..


Fees will vary at different locations.

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