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Bachelor of Ministry, BMin

Alphacrucis College, Australia . Cricos: 00958A

Alphacrucis College

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BMinFull-time3 yearsfind outfind outfind out
BMinPart-time3 - 10 yearsfind outfind outfind out

About Bachelor of Ministry, BMin - at Alphacrucis College

The Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) is designed to prepare graduates for ministry within Church and community settings. Featuring well developed core subjects in Christian Studies, the BMin also develops general skills in communication and problem solving alongside specialist ministry knowledge and expertise.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Ministry is a degree comprised of 24 subjects (240 credit points). Every program for this award shall include:

  • Christian Studies Core Subjects
  • 1 x Major Specialisation
  • 8 x Elective Subjects

Christian Studies Core Subjects (8 subjects/80 credit points)

The Christian Studies Core Subjects forms the foundation of BMin award. It is aimed at developing in students a solid understanding of the Christian faith (biblically, historically & theologically), with well-informed ethical principles and founded on disciplines of Christian spirituality.

All students are required to take the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Academic Writing and Research [RES101]
  • Introduction to the Bible [BIB101]
  • Biblical Hermeneutics [BIB201]
  • History of Christianity [HIS101]
  • Christian Spirituality [MIN102]
  • Communicating the Christian Faith [MIN202]
  • Christian Worldview [THE101]
  • Christian Ethics [THE201]

Major Specialisation (8 subjects/80 credit points)

There are five different Major Specialisations (8 subjects each) in the BMin that you can choose from. Students are to choose one Major Specialisation. This Major Specialisation is to provide you with the professional ministry skills and knowledge for your future. They include:

Pastoral Ministry

  • The traditional core of Christian ministry education has been to train professional ministers and pastors. The BMin continues this core focus in serving churches by providing equipped ministers. The Pastoral Ministry Major specialises in providing students with a systematic and coherent approach to pastoral formation and practice. The specialization will include outlining approaches to the theory of pastoral ministry, as well as opportunities for developing pastoral ministry skills and workplace experience.
  • Required Subjects:
  • Introduction to Pastoral Ministry [MIN101]
  • Leadership Principles [LEA201]
  • Professional Practice [EXP201]
  • Pastoral Administration and Management [MIN201]
  • One of the following 200 level subjects: Preaching [MIN203] OR Healing Ministry [MIN204] OR Church and Society [MIN205]
  • Two of the following 300 level subjects: Advanced Professional Practice [EXP301]; Discipleship [MIN302]; Church Planting [MIN304]; Relationships [MIN305]; Advanced Pastoral Ministry [MIN306]
  • One 300 level subject from MIN, CCM or LEA coded subjects.

Cross-Cultural Ministry

  • The Church exists for the sake of its mission to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the entire world. By its very nature, this mission is cross cultural in orientation, recognising the multi-cultural context of society and the global world today. The Cross-Cultural Ministry Major seeks to equip students with the skills that are required to facilitate ministry and proclamation of the Gospel in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Required Subjects:
  • Introduction to Cross Cultural Ministry [CCM101]
  • Four of the following 200 level subjects: Professional Practice [EXP201]; Foundations of Cross Cultural Field Ministry [CCM221]; Personal and Professional Skills for Cross Cultural Ministry [CCM222]; Methods and Strategies for Cross Cultural Ministry [CCM223]; History of Christian Expansion [HIS208]
  • Three of the following 300 level subjects: Advanced Professional Practice [EXP301]; World Religions [CCM304]; Exploring Islam [CCM305]; Cross Cultural Ministry Field Study [CCM321]; Any 300 level SOC-coded subject

Leadership & Management

  • In the contemporary church life there is an increased awareness of the role of leadership. In the church context, leadership entails directing, influencing and facilitating the ministry of others, and includes activities such as planning, decision making, personnel selection and vision setting. The Leadership Major aims to provide students with an understanding of the theory of leadership, as well as how to develop leadership and management skills, with opportunities for leadership growth and workplace experience.
  • Leadership Principles [LEA201]
  • Professional Practice [EXP201]
  • Introduction to Management [MAN101]
  • Organisational Behaviour [MAN201]
  • Strategic Management [MAN311]
  • Advanced Leadership [LEA301]
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship [LEA311]
  • Financial Decision Making [BUS202]

Youth & Children's Ministries

  • A major reason for churches that grow is that they have a keen focus on incorporating young people into the life and ministry of the church. A specialization in youth ministry aims to provide students with a broad and well-developed approach to the discipline of church based youth work formation and practice. The Youth Ministry Major will equip students with the underlying theories of youth ministry and youth development. As well as opportunities for reflection on their own praxis and workplace experience.
  • Required Subjects:
  • Introduction to Pastoral Ministry [MIN101]
  • Youth Ministry [MIN220] OR Children's Ministry [MIN221]
  • Childhood and Adolescent Development [MIN225]
  • Advanced Children's and Youth Ministry [MIN326]
  • Professional Practice [EXP201]
  • One of the following 200 level subjects: Preaching [MIN203] OR Healing Ministry [MIN204] OR Church and Society [MIN205]
  • One of the following 300 level subjects: Advanced Professional Practice [EXP301] OR Relationships [MIN305]
  • One 300 level subject from MIN, CCM or LEA coded subjects.

Worship Ministry

  • Musical worship is more prominent in the contemporary church than ever before. Where once it might have been enough to simply find someone willing and somewhat able, times have changed. For people to succeed in worship-related roles in church now requires training in music, pastoring, administration, technology, leadership and theology. The Worship Ministry Major covers all of these essential elements whilst also remaining extremely practical and passionately supernatural!
  • Required Subjects:
  • Introduction to Worship Ministry [WOR101]
  • Introduction to Pastoral Ministry [MIN101]
  • Leadership Principles [LEA201]
  • Professional Practice [EXP201]
  • Worship, Arts, Church History [WOR205]
  • Ensemble [WOR235]
  • Technology and Worship Ministry [WOR307]
  • Worship in the Contemporary Context [WOR310]

For the specific subjects required in the Majors, please consult the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Electives (8 subjects/80 credit points)

Students are to take eight elective subjects. These can be chosen from any of our undergraduate subjects for which you have met the pre-requisite requirements. A list of all our subjects can be found via the Units (aka subjects) link at the top of this page. Also see our timetables for availability.

Note: Students also need to make sure that they:

  • Complete two subjects (20 credit points)in Professional Practice
  • Have a maximum 80 credit points at 100 level
  • Have a minimum 40 credit points at 300 level

Course Information


  • Student Handbooks

Length Of Program

  • Full-Time: 3 Years (4 subjects per semester)
  • Part-Time: Up to 10 Years (1 - 2 subjects per semester)


  • Parramatta Campus
  • Baulkham Hills Campus (Core Christian Studies plus Elective subjects only)
  • Brisbane Campus
  • Perth Campus
  • Global Online Campus

Delivery Modes

  • Face-to-Face (weekly 3 hour lectures)
  • Intensive (5 days of lectures delivered within a one week period)
  • Extensive (5 days lectures delivered across a term period)
  • Online Delivery (weekly video/audio lectures provided to be viewed at own convenience)

Articulation Options

Upon completion, students can continue their studies with an additional Honours year or Masters degree provided their results are of a high enough standard. See the Awards Offered page for more information.

How To Apply

Complete an online Higher Education Application for Admission Form

On filling the application, please be prepared to upload the following digital documentation (PDF, jpeg):

  • Certified copy of your birth certificate or passport (passport required for international student applicants).
  • If born overseas, certified copy of your permanent residency status or Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Certified copy of your relevant academic transcripts or CV
  • Your passport photo

AUSTUDY / ABSTUDY / Youth Allowance

Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance are available for this course. To check your eligibility and to find out more information, please visit the Study Assist website.

Welcome future students…

…to the Bachelor of Ministry award (BMin), a Higher Education program that aims to prepare you for Christian ministry in today's world.

I believe that the 21st century is an exciting time to be in Christian ministry, thanks to vast innovation and church growth, especially within the Pentecostal and charismatic expression of Christianity. Ministry is no longer confined to one paid professional in a church setting - but instead, has burgeoned into a fresh array of contemporary opportunities, open for us all to participate in. An explosion of fresh creativity, worship styles, church models and plans for social justice and mission are being enacted, all with the purpose to proclaim the Good News.

However, in today's world there are also many challenges. At times, Christian ministry can seem at odds with the secular worldview. We find ourselves communicating to a society with little understanding of God. Further, we face uncertainties as environmental, social and technological issues previously unanticipated continue to unfold in astounding ways. All in all, education for Christian ministry must recognise today's unique complexities and be able to respond confidently with the message of Christ.

I believe that the BMin will prepare you to address these complexities and take an active role in shaping your world - no matter where your future lies. Specifically, the BMin will provide you with a thorough foundation in theology and biblical studies, shaping a Christian worldview that will directly connect to your vocation - and in addition you will find opportunities to gain the practical expertise required for contemporary ministry. You will develop creative thinking skills, so that you can provide innovative and flexible solutions to contemporary social and cultural questions. You will also become effective communicators and leaders who uphold and exhibit integrity and justice.

The BMin faculty, whom it is my pleasure to promote, are committed to your education and seeing lives changed. They will inspire you, but also facilitate your transformation into a competent and generous Christian minister (whatever the form), necessary for today's world. The faculty are all professionals respected in their disciplinary field of expertise. Many are forging new pathways for Pentecostal-charismatic scholarship, and are uniquely positioned in Australia to promote this. The interface that they bring between their own research pursuits, disciplinary fields and own ministry experiences naturally crosses over into the classrooms in a dynamic and relevant way. I am very proud to work alongside such dedicated people.

The BMin program is designed to allow you to choose the subject areas that are most suitable to prepare you for your unique calling in ministry. The BMin has specialised streams in Pastoral Ministry, Youth & Children's Ministries, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Leadership & Management, and Worship Minstry, with many more elective areas to choose from. For specific information about the choice of major specialisations within the BMin award, please see the Award description page above.

After graduation, BMin students choose to work in a variety of settings from churches to non-government organisations, to bible colleges, to the youth sector. They become pastors, church leaders, church planters, global mission leaders, youth pastors, worship pastors, pastoral educators, workplace pastors, and much more. In effect, our BMin graduates are as diverse as Christian ministry - the varieties are endless. Alternatively, some students continue to advance in their studies into a Masters or Honours program. At Alphacrucis College, the BMin can easily articulate into a double undergraduate degree Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry, or at the postgraduate level Masters of Teaching (Primary) or Masters of Theology program. It can also provide entry to Masters/Honours programs at other higher education providers.

Recognising the obligations of everyday life, the BMin is offered via multiple formats. These range from Face to Face classes at the Parramatta, Baulkham Hills or Brisbane Campuses to Online classes via the Global Online Campus. There are also a variety of ways our classes are presented - through weekly lectures, week-long lecture blocks (intensives), night time lectures, online audio/video podcasts, or a combination of modes. Such a flexible design will ensure that you are able to tailor the BMin to your own learning styles, as well as balance study with your other commitments.

It is with great anticipation that I welcome you into the BMin award. One of my aspirations is to be involved in training the next generation of Christian ministers - so whether you find yourself now or later in full-time work or in a volunteer capacity, in the church, market place or mission field, in Australia or overseas - I am sure the BMin will provide you with a solid foundation to thrive in all that God has called you to be.


Daryl Potts
Program Director, Bachelor of Ministry

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