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Located in the city of Dundee in Scotland, Abertay University is a modern university, with a long history (educating students since 1888) that has quickly become one of Scotland's leading universities. It is highly ranked for its academic performance, with a talented group of students and academics who make the University the success it is today. 

With a reputation for developing innovative courses, Abertay is a leader in videogames and cybersecurity eduction, ranked number one in Europe for undergraduate videogames degrees. In addition to these areas, the University offers a range of postgraduate (taught Masters) degree courses in fields as diverse as Counselling, Ethical Hacking, Food Innovation, Games Development, Psychology and much more. The University also offers a wide range of undergraduate (Bachelors) degree courses including computing, business, civil engineering, ethical hacking, food, forensic science, marketing, mental health nursing, psychology, sports, sociology, and much more.

Academic Strengths

Abertay is the only UK University with official accreditation for both computer games technology and computer arts, and was awarded the UK's first Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education. 

Abertay is Scotland's leading modern University for psychology and law research, and is ranked as a leading University for its environmental science research (RAE 2008). 

Abertay is also home to Dare Academy - a computer games design competition for University students.


Abertay's compact campus in the city centre of Dundee offers convenience to its students - every essential of student life (library, lectures, Student Centre and accommodation) is located on one site within a short walking distance. 

The multi award-winning Berand King Library includes fully equipped seminar rooms for teaching information and IT skills, group study rooms, and a specialist legal library. Part of the building has 24-hour access to IT and study facilities as well as a time-out area. 

The School of Design and Informatics was opened in September 2019 and provides a modern multi-disciplinary working environment for the teaching of game technology and game development.

Entry criteria

Postgraduate degrees

The minimum entrance requirements for our postgraduate (taught Masters) degrees are a good undergraduate (Bachelors) degree (equivalent to a British second class Honours degree). Evidence of English Language Proficiency is also required at IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Undergraduate degrees

The minimum entrance requirements for our undergraduate (Bachelors) degrees are Senior Secondary School qualifications equivalent to UK A Level standard. Evidence of English Language Proficiency is also required at IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

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What students think about Abertay University

    Okafor Nkiru Chienyem, MSc Biotechnology

    Scotland is a very beautiful place and Dundee is exceptionally so. My attraction to Scotland dates back to my younger days with my fascination of the traditional kilt. The local people are extremely friendly, warm, nice and always ready to help, especially in finding ones way about the city. The weather is cool and refreshing but one has to prepare for 'white winter'. I do indeed love Dundee. Coming to Dundee to study at the University of Abertay is already an unforgettable experience.

    I am also enjoying my stay due to the high quality education I am receiving, the course works, self study/researches, ultra modern Library with 24hr internet access / IT facilities, state of the art laboratories and equipment, and the cordial relationship between the students and members of staff. Fun and sports loving individuals will love it here. In fact life at University of Abertay has a lot to offer apart from the excellent environment and exquisite facilities, there is the possibility of self improvement, international marketability, information technological advancement, making friends with people from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. If anyone is thinking of coming to the UK to study, I would strongly recommend University of Abertay. It is all about breaking barriers!

    Lili Liu, MProf Games Development, 2018

    Testimonial from Lili Liu, MProf Games Development, 2018, student at Abertay University

    Why did you decide to study at Abertay?

    Scotland’s a great place to study gaming because so many games companies are based here. People here are lovely, and the country is also very, very beautiful.

    What have the highlights been of your time here?

    I’ve made friends from all over the world and I’ve had the chance to learn things I’ve always wanted to learn like coding and technical art. 

    How have you enjoyed living in Dundee?

    It’s been great. Dundee is the sunniest city in Scotland after all!

    I’ve also had the chance to see a lot of the country and how amazing it is. When you go hiking you see the true natural beauty of Scotland.

    Timea Tabori, BSc Computer Games Technology, 2013

    Testimonial from Timea Tabori, BSc Computer Games Technology, 2013, student at Abertay University

    Describe your journey since leaving Abertay?

    I graduated with a first class degree in Computer Games Technology from Abertay in 2013. I was fortunate enough to join the fantastic team at Rockstar North as a Junior Engine Programmer right away. Outside of work I have been involved with IGDA Scotland since receiving an IGDA Scholarship to go to GDC in my 4th year at University. I started volunteering with the Scottish Chapter as soon as I got back and have since joined the Board of Directors and been serving as Chair for the chapter for the past 2 years. I find it really rewarding to work so closely with the fantastic game dev community we have in Scotland to build and strengthen it where we can. I also feel very strongly about bringing more diversity to the games industry and making space for new voices. I have worked with young people, parents, teachers and educational institutions and advocated for a more open and better understood games industry in various capacities - as a CoderDojo mentor, a STEM, Video Games and Women in Games Ambassador or by giving talks at Universities and conferences.

    What impact did Abertay have on you?

    I loved my time at Abertay! I relished the opportunity to throw myself into learning about all aspects of game development as part of my course and self-study. I enjoyed the challenge and the freedom to explore particular directions I was interested in and I felt like I was in an environment that supported my curiosity. Upon graduating I felt prepared and ready to jump in and start working in the games industry.

    I met, made friends with and was inspired by many people. I have built lasting friendships and I even work with some of the people from my Abertay family now. Having plenty of events like game jams or dev meetups on or around campus, bringing together fellow students and local developers impressed upon me an appreciation and love for community building that I now get to practice as the Chair of IGDA Scotland as well as a Women in Games and STEM Ambassador.

    What advice would you give your younger self?

    Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Go to developer meetups and game jams, especially for students they can provide invaluable experience and connections. Don't doubt your abilities, especially without trying first. Just because something seems scary or difficult, doesn't mean you won't enjoy it or even find that you're good at it. Whatever path you might have envisaged at the start, be ready and flexible to adapt as it will definitely change and that's a good thing. Follow your heart and passion to find what really energises you. It's never too late to start doing something.

Location of Abertay University

Abertay University main campus location is shown on the map below:

Courses at Abertay University

There are 94 courses listed from Abertay University. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at Abertay University

The University offers overseas scholarships towards the cost of tuition fees for those who have significant academic merit or personal achievement. 

Our most popular scholarship is the Abertay International Scholarship. This is an award of up to £12,000 for prospective new international undergraduate students. This scholarship is intended to support you with living and travel costs.

The award is £3,000 per annum, for a maximum of 4 years total study. Successful recipients will have the award deducted from their tuition fees.

The Award will be awarded for each year of your undergraduate degree, up to a maximum of 4 years, while you are studying in Dundee. The Award will not be awarded for any year you spend studying abroad or working in industry.

We also have the International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarship

This £3,000 award is open to all prospective new international taught postgraduate students who:

  • Are classified as International (Overseas) fee status by Abertay University.
  • Are applying for postgraduate study with the equivalent of a UK 2:1 Bachelors degree equivalent or better (approximately 60% and above).

For students commencing their studies in September, successful recipients will have the award deducted from their tuition fees.

Accommodation Information for Students

At Abertay University, there are 4 Halls of Residence to choose from, all within a 15 minute walk to campus and still within the city centre so very close to shops, restaurants, supermarkets, the nightlife and much more.

Accommodation is primarily single study bedrooms in self catering, communal apartments. Priority is given to first entrants, international students and students new to Dundee. A new high-quality residence, Parker House, has just been introduced just a 3 minute walking distance from the main campus.

Prices vary depending on your budget and preferences but, there is something for everyone. From 2-3 bedroom apartments to 5-7 bedroom apartments, large rooms with ensuite bathrooms to communal social areas and additional facilities on site. Please take a look through our Accommodation pages (linked above) for more detail.

Study Abroad Information

As an Abertay student, you can study at one of Abertay’s partner universities (through Erasmus+ or exchange partnerships) across the world. Currently, we have options in Europe, North America, and East Asia. We also have opportunities for students to undertake placements (course permitting) in other countries, and support students looking for summer internships overseas.

Studying abroad typically takes place during the 2nd or 3rd year of an Abertay undergraduate course, and students are able to go in the autumn semester, spring semester, or for a full academic year. You can view all the current university options by degree subject here, though we are often looking for new options, so please get in touch with the Study Abroad team when you start at Abertay if there is an option you’d like to pursue. For almost all partner university options, teaching takes place in English (and is specified if not), so you don’t need to worry about learning another language, though we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided to learn some of the local language.

Abertay also welcomes students through Erasmus+ and partner exchange agreements, as well as on a free-mover fee paying basis, for a single semester or academic year. Please see our Incoming Students pages for further information on what you could study and how to apply.

Facts about Abertay University

  • Year institution founded: 1888
  • Total enrolled: 5840
  • Average student age: 26
  • Number of Full-time students: 1991
  • Number of Part-time students: 296
  • Men to women ratio: 47/53
  • Number of academic staff: 600
  • Number of Professors: 250
  • Year MBA first offered: 1991

Methods of assessment at Abertay University

The Covid-19 Fair Assessment Policy was put in place in the academic year 2019/20 in recognition of the various challenges faced by students as a result of the pandemic. For the academic year 2020/21, the majority of the measures within the policy have been retained to ensure we can continue to assess the attainment of students in a way that is both fair and academically sound. You can find out more about the policy 

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