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Biomedical Science Degree

Biomedical science is used to diagnose diseases within the human body and develop treatments for these diseases. Those students interested in biomedical science will benefit from studying a biomedical science degree to become a biomedical scientist.

Students can study biomedical science at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, with undergraduate degree programs taking three to four years of full time study to complete, and postgraduate degree programs taking one to two years of full time study to complete.

Throughout an undergraduate biomedical science degree students will typically study modules such as physiology, life sciences, cell biology, genetics, neuroscience, pharmacology, cellular biochemistry and microbiology. A postgraduate biomedical science degree will usually focus on similar subject areas with further in depth research projects and assignments.

Entrance to a biomedical science degree program will vary depending on the university you are applying to and you are advised to contact your institution for a full list of entry requirements. Most universities will expect the student to have previous academic experience, including experience in science education. Some international students may be asked to sit an entrance exam, write a letter of intent to study, or provide IELTS scores.
Biomedical science degree graduates often work directly in the field, and benefit from long term career prospects. Most students gain job roles in management, laboratories, education and research programs. There is also the opportunity for graduates to work in veterinary, healthcare and forensic services around the world once fully qualified.

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