Pharmacology Degrees

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    Pharmacology Degrees

    Pharmacology covers a range of fields including chemistry, physiology and toxicology, and is well known as the study of drugs and their effects on our biological systems. Individuals who wish to study drug therapy at degree level can apply to study a Pharmacology Degree. Pharmacology is often compared to the study of pharmacy, which when taken as a degree prepares individuals to become pharmacists. On the other hand, pharmacology is often identifies as a discipline that focuses on research.

    Pharmacology degree programs are mostly available in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Australia. At the undergraduate study level, most programs take typically three to four years to complete. They focus mainly on biology, anatomy, neuroscience, and further related fields of study.

    Master's and doctorate programs are also available to those students who wish to pursue further research and studies in pharmacology, and already posses an undergraduate degree in a related field of study.

Pharmacology degrees in 2023

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