Human Rights Degrees

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    Human Rights Degrees

    Human rights as an academic field is the study of the rights, moral principles and norms for human behaviour. These rights are automatically applied to a person because they are a human being. In developed countries, we may see these rights as something we do not need to think about, but increasingly these rights are being threatened. Humans are entitled to these rights regardless of their race, age, sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity or any other status, and should be applied to every human no matter where in the world they are located or travel to.

    During a degree in human rights, you will cover a variety of topics. These might include:

    • International Law and Human Rights
    • The Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights
    • Indigenous and Minority Rights
    • Poverty, Vulnerability and the Global Economy
    • LGBTQI+ Rights

Human Rights degrees in 2023

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