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About Health Sciences (BSc) at University of Twente

Healthcare is changing fast due to rising costs, technological innovations, market dynamics and an increasing demand as a result of ageing populations. How can we organize healthcare in the most patient-centred manner, how can patients themselves contribute to this, and how can we keep healthcare affordable and efficient? Is an innovative treatment better, safer and faster than a conventional one? How do you decide? These are typical questions you will be dealing with in our Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme Health Sciences.

The whole healthcare process

In this Bachelor's programme you will learn to analyse healthcare issues from different perspectives. You will also learn to use different methods and models and to develop, implement and evaluate improvements. You will gain insight into the quality of care for individual patients (micro-level), organizational processes (meso-level) and the effects policy has on healthcare nationwide (macro-level). You will gain knowledge on health and illness, organization and policy, technology in healthcare and research methodologies. This will enable you to oversee the entire healthcare process.

Would you like to develop an academic approach to connecting people, systems, organization and technology? Do you think it would be interesting to predict trends in healthcare on the basis of assessment and research, and to optimize policy, management and healthcare procedures? If so, this programme is the right choice for you. It will equip you for combining technology and innovation in such a way that you will add real value to healthcare.

Science and practice

A distinguishing characteristic of the Bachelor's programme Health Sciences at the University of Twente is that we aim to teach you to apply scientific research in order to solve practical problems. Throughout the programme you will work on a lot of projects, during which you will directly and very practically apply the knowledge you have gained. In this way you will become skilled at analysing and solving problems. You will engaging in planning, working together, researching, analysing and presenting. This will strengthen your ability to systematically and scientifically solve problems and to think innovatively ? all skills that future employers, such as hospitals, insurance companies, consultants and the government, are eager to find.

Different points of view

During the Bachelor's programme Health Sciences you will learn to look at healthcare from different perspectives. As a graduate, you will work together with people from different fields, such as doctors, managers, researchers, insurers and patients. Every party has its own interests. A doctor, for example, may want an experimental treatment for his patient, while the person who invented the treatment wants to market it at a good price and the insurer says it is too expensive to cover on a large scale. At the same time, the hospital's management is worried about the risks involved in this new treatment. And finally, what does the patient think of all this? As a health scientist you will see and understand all the different interests and try and find the best solution.

The right choice for you?

Does the combination of biomedical topics with management- and policy-related subjects appeal to you? Are you eager to work on innovations in healthcare, yet without being an actual caregiver standing at a patient's bedside? And are you interested in both biology and economics? Then studying Health Sciences may well be the right direction for you. The University of Twente offers you a small-scale educational environment with a relaxed atmosphere. We challenge you to work together with others and come up with solutions for real-world problems. Are you a go-getter and are you interested in innovations in health care? Then Health Sciences at Twente is the programme for you.

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