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About Master of Business Administration, MBA - at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Transform the Business World with the Impact MBA Program 

The Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership* is a remote-first program specifically designed for professionals passionate about sustainable business practices and creating a positive impact on society. This program equips learners with the essential skills to disrupt, innovate, and lead teams within businesses, reshaping the future of the global economy.

Your Community, A Collective of Inspiring Leaders

Beyond the curriculum, the Impact MBA program provides a vibrant community where you can connect with fellow learners through a range of engaging activities. Join us for thought-provoking events, immersive in-person meetups, inspiring growth talks, and exclusive workshops with industry experts. This network is an invaluable resource, connecting you with highly skilled disruptors who share your passion for creating positive change in the world.

Embracing Challenges for Transformation
At Tomorrow University, we understand that building a global network is essential for your success. That's why we provide direct access to entrepreneurs and industry experts, enabling you to expand your connections and learn from the best. With our challenge-based approach and commitment to flexibility, your learning journey becomes personalized and adaptable to your evolving needs—an embodiment of the growth mindset. By completing this program, you not only gain a lifelong community of like-minded individuals but also the resources and support to make a lasting impact in your chosen field. 

A Curriculum Built on Real-world Competencies
Our Impact MBA program is designed around a competency framework that places emphasis on the development of essential skills required in the 21st century. Throughout the program, youwill acquire a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals and core dimensions in Sustainability, Leadership, and Innovation. By equipping you with up-to-date knowledge and fostering leadership and management skills, our aim is to empower you to address complex societal challenges and promote sustainable business practices. Our program encourages independent thinking and equips you to drive meaningful change and create innovative solutions in today's dynamic business landscape. 

Personalized Learning Experience
This hands-on and immersive program follows a four-phase learning model:

  • In the Orientation Phase, you’ll dive into Sustainability, Leadership, and Innovation fundamentals, laying the foundation for your leadership journey.
  • The Calibration Phase is a core part of your study program in which you’ll chose from a variety of elective modules covering: leadership and decision-making, negotiation and change management, technology and human centered AI application, sustainable organizational growth, customer and stakeholder value creation, and business and marketing strategy with an emphasis on social and sustainable development.
  • The Elevation Phase allows you to dive deeply into your field of interest by selecting one specific topic and developing solutions for the most pressing challenges of the 21st century: Climate Action, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Decent Work & Economic Growth, and Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Finally, the Activation Phase culminates in a Master Thesis, where you’ll choose between a leadership project or a transformation project.

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Entry requirements

For more detailed information about the application requirements and your eligibility, reach out to the Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences team.

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

We offer four different scholarship opportunities with different criteria for applying, where learners can receive up to a €3.000 grant for our Bachelors programs and Impact MBA, or up to €6.000 for our Master of Science in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

Scholarships are granted based on merit, need, and professional background.

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We also offer early applicant benefits for those who are ready to secure their spot in advance.

Student reviews of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Find out what students say about Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences


Volodymyr Danylov - Leaving My Comfort Zone

18-year-old Volodymyr Danylov, coming from Kharkiv, Ukraine, joined ToU on a mission with a goal to leave his comfort zone. He’s currently studying a B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies at Tomorrow University and is bringing his unique skill set to the Founding Club of the program to make a sustainable impact on our world.

"Dobry den’, everybody, Volodymyr here! I love math and music, play the flute and piano, and strive to be a better person every day. The last few years have been challenging, giving me may opportunities to go out of my comfort zone, starting with searching for a job in another country as a refugee student. I joined ToU to make an impact: It gives me hope, and a path to a better future, especially in a world where war between developing countries is still possible. 

I love it, from community connections and environment to the teaching style of the university. The education here is a rollercoaster through easy and hard challenges, plus it’s combined with personal growth tasks. I didn’t know that can easily keep people disciplined and interested for a long time. It’s also really flexible.

Surprisingly, I still have the same impression and the same inspiration. This university is the house of passionate people ready to help and revolutionize education. It was a beautiful coincidence to discovered ToU; I am really happy that I decided not to lose this opportunity and am really grateful for all the people who have helped me so far. Changing the world is not about talking or planning; it’s about taking action. 

In short, Tomorrow University concentrates on challenging its learners, developing their skills, and providing guidance and support. It certainly can be seen as the future of our education, given its practicality and modernity By giving people hope and the needed instruments, it’s possible to accomplish everything in this world — I believe everyone can make a big impact by leaving their comfort zone.


Eilecia Bovard - Connecting for Impact

Eilecia Bovard, originally from California and currently based in Spain, found ToU on a journey to make an impactShe met her Co-Founder in the program and has since founded a sustainable initiative, learn what brought her to ToU. My decision to start a new degree of study came from a desire to redefine and redesign my professional role while having a lasting positive impact on the world around me. Being enrolled in the SET program has already played an important part in guiding my journey toward building a just and climate-positive initiative. 

When I began the program, I was met with a crossroads moment, to pursue developing what I wanted vs. what the world actually needs. One major takeaway from this course is that starting a business is not only about building what I think is a good idea but also about understanding what I value most and aligning those ideas with identified market gaps and building something of service from there. 

As an eternal optimist and a mission-driven individual, my time at ToU has led me to the launch of the, our master thesis project. It is an emissions reduction service provider and sustainable investment platform and is a culmination of my personal and professional experiences and values. Many close to me ask, “why livestock agriculture?” Or, “aren’t we supposed to be getting away from meat consumption?” The answer is yes, however, this won’t solve the problem alone as the facts below will suggest. 

The facts: “Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gases. Driven by the growing demand for animal food supplies, global consumption of meat proteins over the next decade is projected to increase by 14% by 2030.” (

Together, with my Co-Founder Niklas Bøe, we’re focusing on fostering change in larger systems and that requires facilitating collaborative actions for a synergistic effect. That’s where the Perfect Farm comes in, we aim to connect the systems that should support one another to produce a sum that is greater than the parts. And one that can significantly and positively impact the greater whole.

As an EU Climate Pact Ambassador and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Wellbeing, the heart of my personal and professional endeavors will always align with opportunities to connect people, communities, and organizations to inspire purposeful dialogue and united momentum. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that we will have the chance to connect and perhaps express a shared mission one day.


Vinley Orutwa - Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Vinley, a driven learner from Kenya and currently residing in Germany, shares her experience as a learner of the online Bachelor's Degree in Responsible Entrepreneurship at Tomorrow University. Vinley highlights how the online program perfectly aligns with her interests and aspirations in sustainability.

As sustainability gains momentum in Kenya, Vinley recognizes the importance of acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to her country's transition toward a sustainable society. Tomorrow University's online program offers her the flexibility to travel, live, and study from anywhere in the world, empowering her to pursue her mission of improving the quality of life in impoverished communities in rural Kenya.

By studying with Tomorrow University, Vinley not only gains the necessary technical expertise but also becomes part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. The online platform allows her to connect with fellow change-makers, fostering valuable networking opportunities and support for her mission.

If you're inspired by Vinley's story and share her passion for sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship, take the first step towards your own transformative journey. Explore Tomorrow University's Bachelor in Responsible Entrepreneurship, an online degree program that equips learners with the necessary skills to drive sustainable change and implement behavioral change strategies in business management.

Vinley's video testimonial.

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