Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng)

Sheffield Hallam University the United Kingdom

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About Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University

This course is for people wanting a fast track career at the highest level of engineering, in product development or senior management. We look for students who are motivated, inquisitive and want a challenge. You need to be interested in why and how things happen, and how things work. We help you develop problem solving skills to answer these questions. You gain advanced engineering skills combined with business and management learning. You also develop specialist knowledge in your field of study, with an emphasis on design-oriented skills. The course looks at elements of * electrical and electronic engineering * system design * computer and communications engineering * control and instrumentation systems * business process management * project and quality management. We have dedicated laboratories for * electronics * communications * computer networks * power * instrumentation * control. You use the labs to complete practical work, building your confidence in testing, design prototyping and investigative projects. You are also introduced to our research laboratories, creating practical solutions for new applications. Final year projects link theory and industry standard specialised hardware and software with solutions to practical problems. Typical examples of projects include work on * nanotechnology for quantum dot applications * noxious gas sensor circuits * solar-powered water pump and filtration systems * wireless autonomous robotic platforms * control optimisation of pesticide removal plant Throughout this course you work with practising engineers, who are industry-sponsored students studying part-time. Our connections with industry enable us to help improve your employability.Sponsored routeIf you are able to attract industrial sponsorship, we have created a sponsored engineering programme to train the next generation of top level engineers. You are paid an annual bursary, and go on paid professional work placements with one company throughout the course. Each week during term time, you study for three days and spend two days on work-based learning with your industry sponsor. You also work with the company over the various vacations. During these work placements, a mentor guides your work experience. The accumulation of summer vacation work and semester work allows you to gain a sandwich degree in the same period of time as a full-time MEng course. The benefits of the work placement include better career prospects and personal and professional development. Those who gain sponsorship benefit because * each company is involved in the design of the course. They advise on teaching, work-based learning and course content. * sponsoring companies provide projects for students to use in their coursework * you gain an appropriate level of professional experience from working during your studies and vacation work placements * salary and bursary financial support is available

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