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About Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University

We work closely with the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) and the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) to ensure a strong focus on the core skills necessary for a career in the media. The course covers journalism practice and theory, and draws on current developments in journalism and the media to extend your practical skills as well as critical awareness of the debates and issues. You develop the basic skills of good journalism - an ability to spot a good story and to compile an accurate and balanced report. At the same time, you develop the practical, professional and other skills necessary to pass the NCTJ preliminary examinations in * newspaper journalism * public affairs * law * shorthand. You study * print * radio and television broadcasting * online journalism. You also deepen your understanding of the professional, economic, cultural and ethical role of journalism in modern society. You learn how to gather, organise, write and present information to professional standards. We also introduce you to some of the specialist expertise needed by journalists working in areas such as * sport * travel writing * consumer journalism * weblogging. We encourage you to take a critical approach to the issues that shape and relate to present day journalism. As well as developing a questioning and ethical approach to your work, you gain practical, intellectual and social skills, which make you readily employable in other professions. NCTJ pathwayYou can choose to study as an independent candidate (outside of your course) for the preliminary examinations of the NCTJ. The course has a strong focus on teaching and developing the core personal, practical and professional skills necessary for a career in the media.

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